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My Songs (written by the webmaster)

In a Parallel World
(Lyrics by Jerome A. Holst, © 2009)

(Verse) I've loved you from afar
But you're like a shooting star
That I can see but never touch
If you only knew I cared so much
(Verse) Why can't it be me by your side
Holding hands, laughing all the while
I guess some things aren't meant to be
But science fiction speaks of possibilities
(Chorus) In a parallel world
I know that you will love me
In a parallel world
I know that I will love you, too
We'll share our lives together
Oh so faithfully
Grow old and always smile
Whenever we meet, my sweet
(Chorus 2) In a parallel world
I know I'll always be yours
In a parallel world
I know you save my soul, I'm sure
And if we can't be together
In this reality
There'll always be another world
Where we were meant to be

In a parallel world
In a parallel world
Our lives could be complete.
In a parallel world

Lyrics by Jerome A Holst 
 ©All Rights Reserved.


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