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My Songs (written by the webmaster)

Weird, Weird Woman
(Lyrics by Jerome A. Holst, © 1983)

Verse When I was a boy down in Tennessee
On the outskirts of town not far from me
Was a broken down house and living inside
Was a weird, weird woman with hollow eyes
No one knew her name she lived all alone
Locked up inside a world of her own
Peeping through her curtains like a Cold War spy
That weird weird woman with hollow eyes.
Some say she lived there for a hundred years
But the stories round town were a bit unclear
Some called her crazy, some called her shy
That weird, weird woman with the hollow eyes,
Some thought her lover went and ran away
So she locked her self inside and threw the key away
Because sometimes at night you can her her cry
That weird, weird woman with the hollow eyes
Verse Everyday after school as I walked by
Just to be friendly I waved to say hi
But she ran from her window to hide
That weird, weird woman with the hollow eyes
Now as it comes to us all it came to pass
That the strange old woman breathed her last
So they put her in a coffin and said goodbye
To that weird, weird woman with the hollow eyes.
Now in death as in life that woman resides
Safe and protected from the outside
Six-feet under a tomb inscribed
Here lies the woman with the hollow eyes
Now, folks swear they put that woman in her grave
But rumors round town said the woman had stayed
Cause if you look into her house
When the moon is high
Some say you can still see that
Weird, weird woman with the hollow eyes
Waiting for her lover to return to her side.
  Repeat First Verse and Fade

Lyrics by Jerome A Holst 
 ©All Rights Reserved.


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