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TV Acres Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the TV Acres Newsletter.

    April showers bring May flowers and the tax deadline on April 15th as well as Arbor Day, Earth Day and April Fools. Wow, lots to do. So get outside and enjoy the fresh Spring air, take a stroll through a local nursery and see the flowers on hand, make sure you get you taxes posted in the mail on time and don't forget to read the latest articles in our April, 2002 issue of the TV Acres Newsletter.


What's happening this month

-  A cover story article entitled "Giving an Animal Its Due"  -- a look into how TV researchers neglect to give animal actors appropriate acting credits.

 An "Ethnic Salute" of "Polish" characters who graced the TV tube over the past sixty years. 

-  A "TV Animals" biographical sketch of "Arnold the Semi-wonder Dog" from the domestic drama Life Goes On.

-  A "Profile" of scientist "Dr. Sam Beckett" from the sci-fi adventure Quantum Leap.

- As well as a new Trivia Question, a new Haps in TV Land and some more Classic Quotes and Birthdaycelebrations for the month of Month. 

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