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TV Acres Newsletter - December 2001

Welcome to the third issue of TV Acres Newsletter.

     This time of year we're all a flutter with shopping for those "perfect gifts," wrapping them in festive seasonal colors and then hiding them away until the Big Day arrives. Well, in between all those fun activities, I hope you find time to read this month's issue. So sit back, relax and enjoy my Christmas gift to you.


What's happening this month:

-  A cover story article entitled "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like..."  -- a collection of perennial Christmas movies and specials with some fun quotes and short summaries. 

-  An "Ethnic Salute" to some of the "British" characters who appeared on the "telly" over the past sixty years. 

-  A "TV Animals" biographical sketch of "Rags the Dog" from the sitcom Spin City.

-  A "Profile" of junk man Fred. G. Sanford from classic TV series Sanford & Son.

- As well as a new Trivia Question, a new "Haps in TV Land" and some more Classic Quotes and Birthday celebrations for the month of December. 

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