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TV Acres Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the TV Acres Newsletter.

    This month is sweeps month. The time when TV shows go all out to attract viewers. This May gay Will and straight Grace from WILL & GRACE will consider having a child together, the gang from CHEERS reunite on FRASIER and Mary Richards and Rhoda  Morgenstern resurface on THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW REUNION. So sit down, grab you remote and have a great time celebrating the end of the TV season. And in between channel surfing, I hope you find the time to read the latest articles in our May, 2002 issue of the TV Acres Newsletter. P.S. This month is the tenth anniversary of Johnny Carson leaving THE TONIGHT SHOW on May 22, 1992. Wow, how time flies. 

What's happening this month

-  A cover story entitled "From Here to There and Back - Time Travel on TV "  -- a look at some time travel devices used on a variety of sci-fi TV shows over the years.

 An "Ethnic Salute" of "Scandinavian" characters who graced the TV tube over the past fifty years. 

-  A "TV Animals" biographical sketch of "Fred the Cockatoo" from the ABC-TV police drama Baretta.

-  A "Profile" of high-powered ad agency executive "Angela Bower" from the sitcom Who's the Boss.

- As well as a new Trivia Question, a new Haps in TV Land andsome more Classic Quotes and Birthday celebrations for the month of Month. 

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