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TV Acres Newsletter - November 2001

Welcome to the second issue of TV Acres Newsletter

     What a great past month for TV. Buffy Summers resurrected from the dead on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"; The CIA has its own TV show "The Agency" and Rachel's pregnant via her ex-beau Ross Geller on "Friends." Wow! Could life get any better. Oh well, I guess you can tell what I do with my spare time. Moving on...let's see what TV acres has to offer this month:

  -  A cover story article entitled A Trekkies' Guide to Road Rage. It's a glimpse into how one sci-fi guy survives the rigors of everyday driving on the highway.

-  An "Ethnic Salute" to some of the "Japanese" characters who appeared on the telly over the past sixty years. 

-  A "TV Animals" biographical sketch of Xena's "Argo the horse"

-  A "Profile" of Inspector Morse from Britain's BBC series Inspector Morse.

- As well as a new trivia question, new "Haps in TV Land" and some more Classic Quotes and Birthday celebrations for the month of November. 

So sit back, relax and get your index finger ready to click through another installment of the TV Acres Newsletter. Enjoy and don't forget to return next month.

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