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Da - Di  /  Do - Dz

Dagmar - The nickname of Virginia Ruth Egnor (Her acting name was Jennie Lewis), a statuesque blonde bombshell who was a regular on the talk variety show BROADWAY OPEN HOUSE/NBC/1950-51. Program host Jerry Lester renamed Virginia "Dagmar" for her walk on parts which featured humorous poetry readings done in deadpan. Reportedly, just before the June 14, 1950 broadcast of the program, Jerry Lester told the five-foot, eight and a half-inch Jennie Lewis "You just sit there next to the orchestra and look dumb. Your name is Dagmar." One evening in 1951 while performing, Dagmar's strapless gown slipped off her bosomy body, exposing her private parts. She later starred on DAGMAR'S CANTEEN/NBC/1952 where she repeated her hilarious tributes to literature by reading "original" silly plays to an audience of military servicemen. See also - SEX, LOVE & NAUGHTY BITS:"Voluptua"

Dame Edna - Celebrity pseudonym for Australian comedian Barry Humphries, who was popular down-under and in England for his female impersonation of a character called Dame Edna Everage who wore flamboyant glasses, jewelry and lavender wigs. Her (or should I say his) interview style was akin to Arsenio Hall (fun & informal). In the fall of 1991, this outrageous female impersonator starred in his own NBC specials entitled "Dame Edna's Hollywood," which featured a number of bawdy conversation with Hollywood celebrities including Burt Reynolds, Mel Gibson, Bea Arthur, Barry Manilow, Cesar Romero, Larry Hagman, Sean Young, Jack Palance and Cher. A January 1993 special "Edna Time" on the Fox network starred Roseanne and Tom Arnold, Luke Perry and Supermodel Kathy Ireland. On the 4/15/2002 episode "Love is All Around" on the legal dramedy ALLY MCBEAL/FOX/1997-2002, Humphries reprised his persona as Dame Edna to play a character named Claire Otoms, a rich (and butt ugly women) who is advised by her lawyers to get a pre-nuptial agreement before she gets married. See also - "The Hag of Haute Couture

Dancin' Homer  See - DANCE & DANCING

Dancing Bandit, The  See - DANCE & DANCING

Dancing Doctor, The  See - DANCE & DANCING

"Dating Capital of the World" - Hollywood, California was billed as "The Dating Capital of the World" when it hosted the game show THE DATING GAME/ABC/1965-73 and THE NEW DATING GAME/SYN/1973 & 1977-80 emceed by Jim Lange and later by Elaine Joyce on the 1986 version and Jeff MacGregor on THE ALL NEW DATING GAME in 1988. See also - CITIES & TOWNS:"Hollywood"

David Letterman Pseudonym's - Once a top ten list on the LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN/CBS/1993+ revealed nicknames that guest stars have given talk show host David Letterman over the years. Dave's pseudonym's included Weasel Boy (Heather Locklear); Nurse Dave (George Clooney); Bonehead (Cybill Shepherd); Lucky (John Travolta); David Friggin' Letterman (Rosie O'Donnell); Lou (Mary Tyler Moore); Monkey Boy (John Goodman); Gump (Siskel & Ebert); Liberal Media Bubblehead (Senator Bob Dole); and Cabin Boy (Helen Hunt).

Dago Red - The nickname of Father John Francis Patrick Mulcahy, the chaplain stationed at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in Korea in the 1950s on the military sitcom M*A*S*H/CBS/1972-83. The “Dago Red” moniker was used frequently in the book [written by Richard Hooker] and the 1970 Robert Altman film that inspired the series by was only used in a few early episodes.

Deep Throat - The cover name of a secretive government agent on the fantasy drama X-FILES/FOX/1993-2002. FBI Agent Fox Mulder crusaded to uncover the truth about alien visitations on Earth. His hunt for the truth caught the attention of a world-weary government official known as Deep Throat (Jerry Hardin), who supplied Mulder with highly sensitive materials. Deep Throat once advised Mulder to "Keep your friends close, but keep you enemies closer."(Don Corleone quote from The Godfather). When agent Mulder was kidnapped by rouge agents, Deep Throat procured the remains of an alien fetus from a high security laboratory as a bargaining chip to save Murder's life. Unfortunately, while exchanging the alien artifact, Deep Throat was shot in the chest. His dying words were "Trust...Trust no one." (Episode No.23 "The Erlenmeyer Flask"). He was replaced by X (Steven Williams) who later was slain by Syndicate henchmen but not before writing the letters SRSG in his blood (Episode No.73 "Herrenvolk"). Both Deep Throat and X worked for the Cigarette-Smoking Man. TRIVIA NOTE: Deep Throat was also the name of the adult X-rated film starring Linda Lovelace as a woman with a clitoris in her throat. The movie later inspired the nickname of the informant who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the Washington Post (upon which the X-FILES agent was named). See also - TOBACCO PRODUCTS:"The Cigarette-Smoking Man"

Diet Coke Hunk, The - In the 1990s, the handsome actor Lucky Vanous, (a.k.a. "The Diet Coke Hunk") starred in the "Diet Coke Break Commercial" about a bunch of women looking out of an office window during their work break at a slender yet muscular construction worker, who had just taken off his shirt. As the sweaty laborer refreshed himself with a nice cool Diet Coke, the bug-eyed women staring down from their window perch filled their imaginations with all sorts of fantasies. At break's end, the women seemingly fulfilled, moved away from the window but not before saying "Same time Tomorrow?" to their voyeuristic colleagues. Lucky Vanous, who set all the women's heart's a flutter later starred in his own work-out video entitled The Ultimate Fat-Burning System. In 1994 Psychology Today displayed Lucky Vanous on their front cover sporting the words "From Pecs To Sex" and an inside story about "The Beefcaking of America" that explored changing gender roles which shifted the spotlight to include men's bodies. In 1997. Lucky Vanous got the role of bad guy Matt Dunning, the deceptively charming contractor on FOX's primetime soap PACIFIC PALISADES. TRIVIA NOTE: Diet Coke soda was introduced to the public on July 8, 1982. Coca-Cola is consumed 448 million times a day in 160 countries. See also - "The Coca-Cola Girl"

Digger - The nickname of the friendly mortician, Digby "Digger" O'Dell (John Brown) who was a regular on the sitcom THE LIFE OF RILEY/NBC/1949-58. Using occupational puns, "Digger" the smiling undertaker greeted his friend Riley by saying "You're looking fine, Riley, very natural" and then closed each conversation with "Well, guess I'll be shoveling off...." The name "Digger" was also used prominently in the prime time soap DALLAS/CBS/1978-91 in reference to the father of wealthy executive, Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval). Willard "Digger" Barnes (David Wayne/Keenan Wynn) was a partner with Jock Ewing (Jim Davis) in their early days of wildcatting for oil and was cheated out of his shares of the company profits by the Ewings, a fact that his son, Cliff never forgot.

Dime Lady, The - Nickname of actress Candice Bergen earned while commercial spokesperson for Sprint Telephone Company which advertised their "Dime-a-Minute" promotions during the 1990s. The TV spots followed a reluctant Candice Bergen as she tried to elude the many fans who were continually asking her "Is it true..." questions concerning Sprint's inexpensive Dime-a-Minute phone rates. Eventually she took to dressing in disguises to hide from her adoring public. On the final first-run episode of her comedy MURPHY BROWN/CBS/1988-98 Murphy's son Avery uses his mother's Sprint card to track down their friend Eldin Bernecky the painter (Robert Pastorelli), to let him know his mother had cancer. Eldin was living in Spain in a tiny peasant village at the base of the Pyrenees. As Eldin reunites with Murphy, Avery approaches and says "Do you know you could call anywhere in the world on Sunday for only a dime." Murphy replies "Yeah, I knew that, Honey. Now why don't you go set another place at the table."

Dimples  See - "Angel-face"

Ding-a-Ling Sisters - Four gorgeous but ditzy dancers featured during the 1970-73 seasons of the musical variety program THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW/NBC/1965-74. The Ding-a-Ling Sisters were originally part of the larger all-female dance troupe called the Goldiggers who also danced on the program from 1967-71.

- On the sitcom ALL IN THE FAMILY/CBS/1971-83, the blue-collar bigot Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Connor) insultingly referred to his dimwitted, yet sensitive wife, Edith (Jean Stapleton) as a Dingbat whenever she expressed an opinion on anything. Archie once inquired "How long does it take for one dingbat to go twenty feet for one beer?" According to the dictionary, a dingbat is an "eccentric, silly or empty-headed person." TRIVIA NOTE: The wife counterpart on the British sitcom TILL DEATH US DO PART/BBC/1966-75 that inspired ALL IN THE FAMILY was referred to as a "Silly old moo."

Dinghy - Waitress Vera Louise Gorman (Beth Howland) was called "Dinghy" (referring to her lack of intelligence) by her boisterous boss Melvyn Sharples (Vic Tayback), the owner of Mel's roadside diner on the sitcom ALICE/CBS/1976-85. Once Mel explained to a former Navy buddy the reason why he called Vera "Dinghy" Simply, he was the Captain of his ship and every ship has a "dinghy" (a dinghy being a small boat, rowboat carried on a warship, yacht or motor cruiser).

Dippy - College nickname of architect Wilbur Post (Alan Young) on the sitcom MISTER ED/SYN/CBS/1961-66. When Wilbur attended college he was a member of the wrestling and debating teams. He earned the sorry nickname of "Dippy" when he carried water for the football team. See also - - "Weebie"

Dishonest John  See - "The World's Greatest Liar"

Da - Di  /  Do - Dz

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