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Badge Numbers (Police/Firefighters/Law Enforcement)
Badge Person City Program
744 Officer Pete Malloy  Los Angeles   Adam-12
2430 Officer Jim Reed     Los Angeles    Adam-12
4866   Officer Tom Porter   Los Angeles   Adam-12
2208      Chief Amy Prentiss    San Francisco   Amy Prentiss
609 Det.Tony Baretta      Unnamed City Baretta  
549321 Captain Barney Miller New York City Barney Miller
415 Officer Carl Levitt  New York City   Barney Miller 
549321 Det. Sgt.Stanley Wojehowicz New York City  Barney Miller
25 Det. Alex Bronkov Ocean City  Bronk
62416 Officer Kersey   Brooklyn Brooklyn South
763  Det. Christine Cagney  New York City  Cagney & Lacey
340 Det. Mary Beth Lacey New York City Cagney & Lacey
452 Constable McGarry London    Camberwick Green
453 Off. Gunther Toody New York City Car 54, Where Are You?
723 Off. Francis Muldoon New York City  Car 54, Where Are You?
1062 Off. Leo Schnauser New York City Car 54, Where Are You?
 2140 & B-600 Off. Francis Poncherello   Los Angeles CHiPs
8712    Off. Jon Baker Los Angeles CHiPs  
5712 Sgt. Joseph Getraer Los Angeles CHiPs
416 & 425 & 436 Det. Lt. Columbo  Los Angeles Columbo  
300 Officer Patricia "Casey" Jones New York City Decoy
436 Sgt. Dominick Delvecchio Los Angeles     Delvecchio
714 Det. Joe Friday Los Angeles
330 Paramedic John Gage Los Angeles Emergency 
174 Paramedic Roy De Soto Los Angeles  Emergency
7332 Det. Christine Love  Los Angeles   Get Christie Love
14  Agent April Dancer New York City Girl From U.N.C.L.E
22 Agent Mark Slate New York City Girl From U.N.C.L.E.
26 Captain Wade Griffin Los Angeles Griff
6483 Officer Charles Battles Los Angeles Hardball
696  Officer Joe "Kaz" Kaczierowski  Los Angeles      Hardball  
260 Det. Edward "Duke" Lukela  Honolulu  Hawaii 5-O
6314 Det. Mac Riley Oahu Hawaiian Heat
316  Det..Andy Senkowski Oahu Hawaiian Heat
150     Chief Dan Matthews Unnamed State  Highway Patrol
153 Sergeant Phil Esterhaus Unnamed City   Hill Street Blues
1836  Officer Joanne Molenski Los Angeles Hunter
1  Det..John St. John  Los Angeles  Jigsaw John  
147 Officer Joe Forrester  Big City in California     Joe Forrester
627 Det.Theo Kojak New York City Kojak
8043 Officer Michael Long Los Angeles Knight Rider
28668 Det..Katy Mahoney Chicago  Lady Blue
9215 Det..Phil Cerreta  New York City  Law & Order  
9921  Det. Reynaldo 'Rey' Curtis New York City Law & Order
459 & 445  Officer MacGruder   Los Angeles   MacGruder & Loud
449 & 458 Officer Jennifer Loud Los Angeles  MacGruder & Loud
1 Mr. Alexander Waverly  New York City   Man From U.N.C.L.E.
2 & 12 Agent Illya Kuryakin New York City  Man From U.N.C.L.E.
3 & 11 Agent Napoleon Solo New York City Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Agent Farrell   New York City  Man From U.N.C.L.E.
14 Det.Mark Saber Unnamed Big City      Mark Saber
416  Captain Adam Greer     Los Angeles  Mod Squad
41367 Det..James Halloran  New York City Naked City
22  Det. Nash Bridges San Francisco  Nash Bridges  
99 Det..Lt. Stoney Huff  Nashville Nashville 99 
990  Det. Andy Sipowicz   New York City  NYPD Blue
3118  Det.. Bobby Simone New York City NYPD Blue
9514    Officer Elizabeth "Liz" McKay Manhattan     Our Family Honor
3210 Officer Ed Santini  Manhattan  Our Family Honor  
84890 Officer Mike Danko Southern California  Rookies
415738 Terry Webster  Southern California  Rookies 
21049 Officer Frank Serpico New York City  Serpico  
2147     Det. Michael Burton Los Angeles Shades of L.A.
6316  Det. Sledge Hammer  Unnamed City   Sledge Hammer
2230 Det. Adam Beaudreaus Unnamed City Street Justice  
33131  Officer T.J. McCabe   Southern California  S.W.A.T.
115 & 141  Officer T.J. Hooker L.C. City  T.J. Hooker
280 Officer Stacey Sheridan L.C. City T.J. Hooker
150 Det. David Toma Unnamed City       Toma
4587  Vinnie Terranova OCB Wiseguy
JTT047101111 or 22791 Fox "Spooky" Mulder FBI X-Files
JTT0331613 or 2317-616 Dana Katherine Scully    FBI    X-Files  

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