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Military & Government Numbers
Number Person/Group Type Program
1-HG-422-7 A-Team Army The A-Team
N617CC860 Lyta Alexander    Psi Corps Babylon 5
V17L98 Michael Garibaldi  EarthGov  Babylon 5
Z48M27 Epsilon Cmd. Susan Ivanova EarthGov Babylon 5
X07Y39 Alpha Pres. John Sheridan  EarthGov Babylon 5
87312   Jaime Sommers O.S.I.  Bionic Woman
078375 Frank Cannon   Army   Cannon
31326933 Private Braddock Army Combat
10884  Harlan Williams  ID Badge Golden Years
42050227 PFC Gomer Pyle   Marine Corps Gomer Pyle, USMC
13029300   PFC Gomer Pyle Marine Corps Gomer Pyle, USMC
10610918 Captain Tony Nelson  Air Force I Dream of Jeannie
10576996 J. Quayle Higgins   British Army   Magnum, P.I.
3911880 Corp. Radar O'Reilly Army M*A*S*H
RA19571782 Corp. Maxwell Klinger Army   M*A*S*H
19095607 Capt. "Hawkeye" Pierce   Army M*A*S*H
981112  Agent Angela Bennett  FBI / CIC The Net
01650295 Lt. Felix Unger  Army The Odd Couple
004-002-02-016 Dr. Samuel Beckett   Defense Department   Quantum Leap
Umbra Clearance #  923880305 Lt. Frank Parker NSA / CIA    7 Days
943-20-02419 First Lt. Vanessa Damphouse   US Marines   Space: Above  & Beyond
948-98-01446  First Lt. Cooper Hawkes US Marines    Space: Above & Beyond  
560-51-03318  Capt. Shane Autumn Vansen US Marines Space: Above & Beyond 
948-30-34828   First Lt. Paul Wang US Marines  Space: Above & Beyond   
66-789-7876-324 Col. Jack O'Neill   USAF  Stargate:SG1
89-985-6512-312   General George Hammond USAF   Stargate:SG1
SC9370176CEC   Capt. James T. Kirk  Star Fleet Star Trek
S179276SP Commander Spock Star Fleet   Star Trek
SE197514 (SE-197-54T) Montgomery Scott   Star Fleet   Star Trek
A0-041044 Lt. Col. Steve Canyon Air Force   Steve Canyon
JTT047101111 Fox "Spooky" Mulder  FBI  X-Files
2317-616 Dana Scully      FBI  X-Files
X-40253   Samantha Mulder FBI X-Files
RA10542699 Master Sgt. Ernie Bilko  Army You'll Never Get Rich 

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