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Program Description
The Abbott & Costello Show/SYN/1951-53 Unemployed Actors
Abbott And Costello/SYN/1967(animated) Unemployed Actors
An Actor's Life For Me/BBC/1991 Struggling Actor Seeking Stardom
Behind The Screen/CBS/1981-82 Soap Opera Actors & Crew
The Bretts/SYN/1987 British Stage Thespians
The Building/CBS/1993 Struggling Actress & TV Model
China Beach/ABC/1988-91 USO Entertainers
Concerning Miss Marlowe/CBS/1954-55 Actress
Cybill/CBS/1995-98 Struggling Middle-Aged Divorced Actress
The Diamonds/CBS/USA/1987-88 TV Private Eyes Turn Private Eyes
Double Trouble/NBC/1984-85 Aspiring Actress
Extras/HBO/2005 Bitter, Aspiring Actor Looks For Big Break
Fame/NBC/SYN/1982-87 Performing Arts Students
Fame L.A./SYN/1997 Performing Arts Students
Flickers/ITC/1980 Traveling Bioscope Theatre
Freshman Dorm/CBS/1992 Theater Major Aspires To Be Actress
Friends/NBC/1994-2004 Struggling Actor/Soap Opera Doctor
Good Life/NBC/1994 Community Theater Actress/Playwright
Growing Pains/ABC/1985-92 Aspiring Actor
The Halls Of Ivy/CBS/1954-55 Former London Stage Star
Hey, Mulligan/NBC/1954-55 Aspiring Actor/Studio Page
I Had Three Wives/CBS/1985 Actress/Stuntwoman
I Love Lucy/CBS/1951-57 Retired Vaudeville Entertainers Turned Landlords
It's A Living/ABC/1980-82/SYN/1985-89 Aspiring Actress/Waitress
It's Always Jan/CBS/1955-56 Aspiring Actress/Nightclub Singer
It's Like, You Know.../ABC/1999 Actress
Jennifer Slept Here/NBC/1983-84 Ghost of Deceased Actress Haunts Home
Jenny/NBC/1997-98 Wanna Be Actresses & Deceased B-Movie Actor
Joey/NBC/2004-2006 Actor Moves from New York To L.A.
Johnny Midnight/SYN/1960 Actor Turned Private Eye  
Leap Years/SHO/2001-02 Aspiring Actress Succeeds On Broadway Then Fades
Lillie/LWT/1978 British Actress Lillie Langtry
Lost Empires/GRA/1986 British Music Hall Circuit Players
Love, Sidney/NBC/1981-83 TV Soap Opera Actress
The Martin Short Show/NBC/1994 TV Variety Show Star
The Mickey Rooney Show/NBC/1954-55 Aspiring Actor/Studio Page
Mr. Adams & Eve/CBS/1956-58 Show Business Couple
Mission Impossible/CBS/1966-73/ABC/1988-90 Espionage Acting Troupe
Molloy/FOX/1990 KQET-TV "Wonderland" Children's Show Actress
The Montefuscos/NBC/1975 Unemployed Actor
Movie Stars/WB/1999 Home Life of Two Movie Stars & Their Children
Muscle/WB/1995 Aspiring Actress
My Sister Eileen/CBS/1960-61 Aspiring Broadway Actress
The New Dick Van Dyke Show/CBS/1971-74 "Those Who Care" Soap Opera Star
No, Honestly/LWT/1974 Comic Actor
On The Air/ABC/1992 Fading Matinee Idol Turned TV Variety Show Star
One Big Family/SYN/1986-87 Retired Vaudevillian
Over The Top/ABC/1997-98 Ex-Soap Opera Actor
Palace Guard/CBS/1991 Retired B Movie Queen Turned Sleuth
Peter Loves Mary/NBC/1960-61 Retired Performers (comedian, dancers, singers)
Pictures/CEN/1983 Aspiring & Has Been Actors
Pig Sty/UPN/1995 Songwriter & Actress
Pulaski The TV Detective/BBC/1987 TV Miniseries Actor
The Ray Milland Show/CBS/1954-55 Comstock University Drama Professor
Related/WB/2005 Experimental Theater Actress/premed dropout (one of four Sorelli Sisters)
Remember WENN/AMC/1996-98 Radio Program Actors
The Sandy Duncan Show (Funny Face)/CBS/1971-72 Actress/Student Teacher
Shaping Up/ABC/1984 Aspiring Actress/Aerobics Instructor
So This Is Hollywood/NBC/1955 Aspiring Actress
South of Sunset/CBS/1993 Aspiring Actress Works for Private Eye
The Stage Door/CBS/1950 Broadway Actors
Taxi/ABC/NBC/1978-83 Aspiring Actor Works as Cabbie
That Girl/ABC/1966-71 Aspiring Actress
That Wonderful Guy/ABC/1949-50 Aspiring Songwriter/Actor & Drama Critic
Those Whiting Girls/CBS/1955 Actress & Singer
A Time For Us/ABC/1965 Actress
Two Girls Named Smith/ABC/1951 Actress/Singer
2000 Malibu Road/CBS/1992 Aspiring Actress
Union Square/NBC/1997 Aspiring Actress
The Wayans Bros./SYN/WB/1995-99 Aspiring Actor
Wendy & Me/ABC/1964-65 Retired Vaudevillian
The Wild Wild West/CBS/1965-69 Actor Turned Secret Service Agent
Winnetka Road/NBC/1994 Former B Movie Star
Yes, Yes, Nanette/NBC/1961(Syndicated title for "Westinghouse Playhouse") Broadway Star marries widow and becomes stepmother to his Beverly Hills children

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