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 Advertising, Marketing and PR (Execs, copywriters, motivational speakers)
Program Description
Absolutely Fabulous/BBC/1992-95 Neurotic Public Relations Business Woman
Bewitched/ABC/1964-72 McMann & Tate Advertising Agency  Executives
Blue Skies/CBS/1988 Ad Executive Turned Sawmill Operator
Blue Skies/ABC/1994 Mail-Order Catalog Company Owners
Bob Patterson/ABC/2001 Popular But Dysfunctional Motivational Speaker
Bosom Buddies/ABC/NBC/1980-84 Livingston, Gentry & Miskin Ad Agency Workers
Campaign/BBC/1988 HFK Advertising Agency Copywriter
Cleghorne!/WB/1995 TV Commercial Producer
The Closer/CBS/1998 Advertising Executive (a.k.a. "The Closer")
Conrad Bloom/NBC/1998 Ad Copywriter
The District/CBS/2000-04 Director of Public Affairs
The Don Rickles Show/CBS/1972 Ad Agency Executive
Down The Shore/FOX/1992-93 Advertising Account Executive & Receptionist
Everything's Relative/CBS/1987 Consumer Products Testers
Fired Up/NBC/1997 Fired Marketing Executive Opens Public Relations Firm
First Impressions/CBS/1988 Radio Ad Impressionist (Voice-Overs)
Flying Blind/FOX/1992-93 Hochman Food Company Advertising Dept. Executive
Foot In The Door/CBS/1983 Copywriter
Friends/NBC/1994-2004 Data Processor Turned Junior Copywriter
Full House/ABC/1987-95 J. J. Creative Services Commercial Jingle Writer
Getting Personal/FOX/1998 Old Dog Productions Ad Agency Production Team
Good Company/CBS/1996 Ad Agency Creative Team
Guestward Ho!/ABC/1960-61 Ad Executive Turned Dude Ranch Operator
Hardball/FOX/1994 Baseball Team Public Relations Director
Harry & The Henderson/SYN/1990-92 People's Sporting Goods Marketing Executive
Holding The Baby/FOX/1998 Ad Executive's Wife Splits & Leaves Him The Baby
Homeroom/ABC/1989 Advertising Jingle Writer Turned 4th Grade Teacher
The Joey Bishop Show/NBC/1961-62 Wellington, Willoughby & Jones Public Relations
Leap of Faith/NBC/2001-02 Female Advertising Agency Writer
Life...and Stuff/CBS/1997 Ad Agency Executive
Life Goes On/ABC/1989-93 Berkson & Berkson Ad Agency Account Executive
The Lot/AMC/1999-2001 Hedda Hopper-Like Gossip Columnist
Mad About You/NBC/1992-99 Ferrah-Gantz Public Relations Firm Executive
Martin/FOX/1992-97 Marketing Executive
Melba/NBC/1986 Furth & Preston Ad Agency Worker
Melrose Place/FOX/1992-99 D&D (later Sky High) Advertising Agency
Middle Ages/CBS/1992 Public Relations Executive
Mr. Broadway/CBS/1964 Public Relations Executive
Mixed Doubles/NBC/1949 Copywriter
My Life & Times/ABC/1991 Ad Agency Writer
My Two Dads/NBC/1987-90 Financial Update Magazine Marketing Manager
Ned And Stacey/FOX/1995-97 Ad Executive Arranges Phony Marriage
Nothing in Common/NBC/1987 Ad Agency Owner & Staff
On Our Own/CBS/1977-78 Bedford Advertising Agency Art Director/Copywriters
One Day At A Time/CBS/1975-84 Connors & Davenport Ad Agency
Pig Sty/UPN/1995 Ad Agency Executive
Pride & Joy/NBC/1995 Ad Agency Art Director & Copywriter
The Pride Of The Family/ABC/1953-54 Head Of Newspaper Ad Department
Ruthie On The Telephone/CBS/1949 Advertising Man
Seinfeld/NBC/1990-98 Mail-Order Catalog Copywriter & Hand Model
Send In The Girls/GRA/1978 Sexy Sales Promotions Females
Sex In The City/HBO/1998-2003 Public Relations Executive
Sex, Love & Secrets/UPN/2005 Scheming Hollywood Publicist
Something Wilder/NBC/1994-95 Ad Agency Executive & Staff
Take Five/CBS/1987 Public Relations Man
Thirtysomething/ABC/1987-91 Ad Agency Partners
The Thorns/ABC/1988 Public Relations Executive
The Trouble With Tracy/SYN/1971 Hutton, Dutton & Norris Ad Agency Executive
We've Got Each Other/CBS/1977-78 Mail-Order Catalog Copywriter
Weird Science/USA/1994-97 Ad Executive
What I Like About You/WB/2002-2006 28-Year-Old Female Public Relations Executive
Who's the Boss/ABC/1984-92 Wallace & McQuade Female Ad Agency Executive
WKRP In Cincinnati/CBS/1978-82 Obnoxious Radio Ad Salesman
You Can't Take It With You/SYN/1987-88 Eccentric Retired Advertising Man

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