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 Angels  See also "Ghosts,"  "Gods & Goddesses," and "Satan & Devilish Beings"
Program Description
All Dogs Go To Heaven/SYN/1996 Two Dogs Return to Earth As Guardian Angels
American Gothic/CBS/1995-96 Angelic Female Apparition Protects Boy From Evil
Dead Ernest/CEN/1982 Man Dies Prematurely & Must Be Sent Back To Earth
Good Heavens/ABC/1976 Angel Grants Wishes To Deserving People
Heaven Help Us/SYN/1994 Dead Honeymoon Couple Become Apprentice Angels
Highway To Heaven/NBC/1984-88 Angel Sent To Earth To Help Others
Matrix/USA/1992-93 Hit Man Dies Then Returns To Earth To Help Others
Out Of The Blue/ABC/1979 Inept Angel  Becomes Guardian To Orphans
Second Chance/FOX/1987-88 Dead Man Returns To Earth As Guardian Angel
The Smothers Brothers Show/CBS/1965-66 Probationary Angel (Agent 009) Returns to Earth and
Interferes into the Life of His Living Brother
Teen Angel/ABC/1997 Teen Dies & Returns As His Friend's Guardian Angel
Touched By An Angel
Probationary Angel & Her Heavenly Supervisor Help the Needy
Twice In A Lifetime/PAX/1999-2001 Souls Given Second Chance By Celestial Guardian

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