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 Art & Artists   (Cartoon, comic, graphic designer, painter, sculptor, museum)
Program Description
Bob/CBS/1992-93 Comic Book/Greeting Card Artist & Museum Shop Employee
Bosom Buddies/ABC/NBC/1980-84 Illustrator/Painter
Bourbon Street Beat/ABC/1959-60 Beauregard O'Hanlon's Renowned Treasure Chest
Brush Strokes/BBC/1986-91 Cockney Jack-The-Lad Painter & Decorator
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/UPN/WB/1997-2003 Art Gallery Owner
Caroline in the City/NBC/1995-99 Comic Strip & Greeting Card Cartoonist
Charmed/WB/1998-2006 Museum Curator
Cheers/NBC/1982-93 AAAA - 'Four A' Painting Company/Decorator
Cheyenne/ABC/1955-63 Government Map Maker
Clarissa Explains It All/NIK/1991-94 Head of Children's Museum
Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady/CEN/1984 Story Of An Female Edwardian Artist
The Devlin Connection/NBC/1982 Director of Performing Cultural Arts Center
Diana/NBC/1973-74 Fashion Coordinator/Illustrator For Buckley's Department Store
Dog City/FOX/1992-95 Muppet Dog Cartoonist
Down The Shore/FOX/1992-93 Idealistic Graphic Artist
The Duck Factory/NBC/1984 "The Dippy Duck Show" Cartoonist/Animator
The Duke/NBC/1954 Amateur Painter
Empty Nest/NBC/1988-95 Avant-Garde Sculptor
The Exile/CBS/1991-95 Artist
Flying Blind/FOX/1992-93 Artist/Fashion Model
The Gallery of Madame Liu Tsong/DUM/1951-52 Art Gallery Owner
Golden Girls/NBC/1985-92 Museum Art Gallery Assistant
Good Morning Miss Bliss/DIS/1988-89 JFK Junior High School Art Teacher
Good Times/CBS/1974-79 Aspiring Painter
Good Neighbors (The Good Life)/BBC/1975-78 Middle-aged Draughtsman at JJM, Ltd.
He & She/CBS/1967-70 "Jetman" Comic Strip Cartoonist
Hyperion Bay/WB/1998-99 Art Gallery Worker
It's A Living/ABC/1980-82/
"Betty Spaghetti, the Waitress" Comic Strip
It's A Man's World/NBC/1962-63 Aspiring Artist
Jane/BBC/1982 Daily Mirror Cartoon Strip Heroine
Jane In The Dessert/BBC/1984 Daily Mirror Cartoon Strip Heroine
Further Adventures Of Series-Jane/BBC/1982 Daily Mirror Cartoon Strip Heroine
Jesse/NBC/1998-99 Artist/Painting Instructor
Kirk/WB/1995-96 Billboard Painter/Illustrator
Life Goes On/ABC/1989-93 Buddy Artist & Sculptor
The Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci/CBS/1972 Florentine Renaissance Artist/Inventor
Little Men/PAX/1998-99 Painter
Love On A Rooftop/ABC/1966-71 Art Student
The Love School/BBC/1975. Pre-Raphaelite Painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Love, Sidney/NBC/1981-83 Commercial Artist
Melrose Place/FOX/1992-99 Ambitious D&D Advertising Art Director
Miss Winslow & Son/CBS/1979 Commercial Artist
Murphy Brown/CBS/1988-98 Artist/House Painter
My Favorite Husband/CBS/1953-55 Commercial Artist
My Two Dads/NBC/1987-90 Freelance Artist/New York University Art Teacher
My World & Welcome to It/NBC/CBS/1969-72 Manhattanite Magazine Cartoonist
Night Gallery/NBC/1970-73 Eerie Curator of Strange Art Gallery
Occasional Wife/NBC/1966-67 Aspiring Painter
The Office/CBS/1995 Package Designers
Once A Hero/ABC/1987 Pizazz Comics Superhero "Captain Justice"
One World/NBC/1998-2001 Baseball Player And Sculptor Wife Adopt Six Teens
Parenthood/NBC/1990. House Painter
The People Next Door/CBS/1989. Psychic Cartoonist
People's Choice/NBC/1955-58 Painter (aka "Michelangelo of Paradise Trailer Park")
Portrait Of Alison/BBC/1955 Well-Known Portrait Painter
Pride & Joy/NBC/1995 Ad Agency Art Director
Relativity/ABC/1996-97 Housepainter
Rituals/SYN/1984-85 Art Teacher
Roger Doesn't Live Here Anymore/BBC/1981 Struggling Artist
Roseanne/ABC/1988-97 Aspiring Comic Book Artists
Secret Lives of Men/ABC/1998 Artificial Fruit & Vegetable Designer
Sex In The City/HBO/1998-2004 Art Dealer
The Single Guy/NBC/1995-97 Art Gallery Operator
Six Feet Under/HBO/2001-2005 Funeral Home Restorative Artist
The Tab Hunter Show/NBC/1960-61 Comic Strip Cartoonist
Take Three Girls/BBC/1969-71 Cockney Art Student
Take Three Women/BBC/1982 London Art Gallery Owner
Taxi/ABC/NBC/1978-83 Art Gallery Receptionist
thirtysomething/ABC/1987-91 Housewife Labors To Be a Children's Book Illustrator
Too Close For Comfort/ABC/SYN/1980-86. Random Comics Cartoonist
Trouble With Harry/CBS/1993 Art Gallery Operator/Museum Curator of Antiquities
Two Girls Named Smith/ABC/1951 Aspiring Artist
Valerie/NBC/1986-87 Graphic Artists/Auction Manager
Winnetka Road/NBC/1994 Mysterious Bohemian Artist
You Are An Artist/NBC/1946-50. Art Instruction Program With Joe Gnagy

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