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Aviation Industry  See also "Military" for Navy, Air Force & related aviators
Program  Description 
Air America/SYN/1998-99 Undercover CIA Agent Flies Dangerous Missions
Air Power/CBS/1956-57 History of Aviation from Kitty Hawk to Jet Planes
Airline/YTV/1982 London Pilot Runs One-Plane Air Service
Airwolf/CBS/1984-86/USA/1987 Pilots for Helicopter called "Airwolf"
Biggles/GRA/1960 Inspector For The Air Police
Blue Thunder/ABC/1984 Police Helicopter Pilots
The Bob Cummings Show/CBS/1961-62 Charter  Airline Pilot/Detective
The Bob Newhart Show/CBS/1972-78 Commercial Airline Navigator
Buccaneer/BBC/1980 British Pilot For Small Air Freight Company Called Red-Air
Chopper One/ABC/1974 Police Helicopter Pilot
Code Red/ABC/1981-82 Helicopter Pilot/Fireman
Coming Of Age/CBS/1988-89 Retired Airline Pilot
Cosby/CBS/1996-2000 Laid-Off Airport Worker
The Crew/FOX/1995-96 Flight Attendants
Ding Howe And The Flying Tigers/SYN/1950 Volunteer Fighter Pilots
A Family For Joe/NBC/1990 Air Traffic Controller Turned Homemaker
Flash Gordon/NBC/1979-82 Earth Astronaut Battles Ming the Merciless
Fly By Night (Crime Time After Prime Time)/CBS/1991 'Slick Air' Charter Airline Pilot
The Flying Doctor/SYN/1959 Australian Outback Bush Pilot
Flying High/CBS/1978-79 Commercial Airline Stewardesses
The Flying Nun/ABC/1967-70 Petite Nun Lifted by Tropic Wind
From A Bird's Eye View/NBC/1971 Commercial Airline Stewardesses
Garry Halliday/BBC/1959-62 Commercial Airline Pilot
George Lopez/ABC/2002-2007 (Powers & Sons Aviation) Airplane Parts Factory Manager
Grace Under Fire/ABC/1993-98 Traffic/Weather Report Helicopter Pilot
The High Life/BBC/1995 Air Scotia Airline Stewards on Glasgow To London Run
High Sierra Search & Rescue/NBC/1995 Rescue Team Helicopter Pilot
The Hogan Family/NBC/1987-91 Commercial Airline Pilot
The Islanders/ABC/1960-61 Lato Airlines Charter Pilots (Grumman Goose Seaplane)
Joe's Life/ABC/1993 Laid-Off Aircraft Plant Defense Worker
Land Of The Giants/ABC/1968-70 Suborbital Pilot & Stewardess
The Life Of Riley/NBC/1949-58 Cunningham Aircraft Company Riveter
MacGyver/ABC/1985-91 .Pilot & Owner Of Dalton Air Service
The Magician/NBC/1973-74 Pilot of Boing 737 Called "The Spirit"
Major Del Conway  Of The Flying Tigers/DUM/1951-52 Flying Tigers Airline Pilots
Medium/NBC/2005+ Aerodytech Aerospace Engineer Married to a Psychic
Men Into Space/CBS/1959-60 Experiences & Problems in Space
My Three Sons/ABC/CBS/1960-72 Widowed Test Pilot Turned Universal R & D Aeronautical Engineer
The New Bob Cummings Show/CBS/1961-62 Airplane Pilot Adventurer
The New Lassie/SYN/1989-91 Glen Ridge Hang Glider Society Member
Northern Exposure/CBS/1990-95 Retired Astronaut & Alaskan Bush Pilot
One Day At A Time/CBS/1975-84 Commercial Airline Flight Steward
Perfect Strangers/ABC/1986-93 Commercial Airline Stewardesses
Petticoat Junction/CBS/1963-70 Carson-Elliot Cropdusting Company
Piece Of Cake/LWT/1988 RAF Hornet Squadron Fighter Pilots Based In WWII France
The Plane Makers/ATV/1963-65 Aviation Industry Executives & Workers
The Power Game/ATV/1965-66 Aviation Industry Executives
Return To The Planet Of The Apes/CBS/1974 Astronauts Lost In Future
Ripcord/SYN/1961-63 Sky Diving Instructors
San Francisco International Airport/NBC/1970-71 Airport Manager & Personnel
Shaky Ground/FOX/1992-93 Aerospace Industry Quality Control Inspector
Sky Hawks/ABC/1969-71 Sky Hawks, Inc. Air Service Owners
Sky King/ABC/1953-54 WWII Naval Aviator Turned Rancher (Flying Crown Ranch)
Skyport/GRA/1959-60 Airport Travel Agent
Space/CBS/1985 Chronicles American Efforts To Explore Space
Spencer's Pilots/CBS/1976 Charter Airline Pilots
Supercarrier/ABC/1988 USS Georgetown Navy Fighter Pilots
Tale Spin/SYN/1990-94 Cargo Pilot (Baloo the Bear)
Tales Of The Gold Monkey/ABC/1982-83 Island Charter Airline Cargo Pilot
Terry & The Pirates/SYN/1952-53 Air Cathay Cargo Airline
Three's A Crowd/ABC/1984-85 Trans-Allied Airlines Flight Attendant
Thunderbirds/ATV/1965-66 International Rescue Pilots
The Tim Conway Show/CBS/1970 Charter Airline Pilots
Tour of Duty/CBS/1987-90 Vietnam War Era Army Helicopter Pilot
Trauma Center/ABC/1983 Rescue Helicopter Pilot
240-Robert/ABC/1979-81 Police Helicopter Pilot
The Tycoon/ABC/1964-65 Corporation Jet Pilot
U.F.O./SYN/1972 U.F.O. Defense Center (SHADO)
Valerie/Valerie's Family/NBC/1986-87 Commercial Airline Pilot
Wendy & Me/ABC/1964-65 Trans Globe Airlines Pilot & Stewardess
Wings/BBC/1977-78 Royal Flying Corps Pilots
Wings/NBC/1990-97 Sandpiper Air (One-Plane Charter) & Pilot & Helicopter Pilot
The Whirlybirds/SYN/1956-59 Whirlybirds, Inc. Charter Helicopter Pilots
Zero One/BBC/SYN/1962-65 Airline Investigators

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