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 Banks & Banking   See also  "Money"

(Includes Investment Counselors, Stockbrokers, Tellers) 

Program Description
The Alan Young Show/CBS/1950-53 Bank Teller
Big Wave Dave's/CBS/1993 Stockbroker Turned Surf Shop Owner
Bringing Up Buddy/CBS/1960-61 Investment Counselor
Bull/TNT/2000 Six Wall Street Investment Bankers & Traders Form Their Own Firm
Capital City/THA/1989-90 London Merchant Bank Money Traders
Christine Cromwell/ABC/1990 Financial Advisor to Wealthy
Early Edition/CBS/1996-2000 Ex-Stockbroker with Magical Newspaper
Easy Street/NBC/1986-87 Investment Broker
The Good Life/NBC/1971-72 Stockbroker
Hangin' With Mr. Cooper/ABC/1992-97 Brokerage Firm Executive Assistant
How To Marry A Millionaire/SYN/1958-60 Wall Street Analyst
It's Like, You Know.../ABC/1999 Trust-Fund Millionaire
Keeping Up Appearances/BBC/1990-95 Dept. Manager of Finance & General Services
Life With Father/CBS/1953-55 Victorian Era Banker
Living Single/FOX/1993-1997 Financial Planner
The Lucy Show/CBS/1962-74 Bank President
Man At The Top/THA/1970-72 British Stockbroker
Margie/ABC/1961-62 Great Eastern Savings Bank Loan Officer
Mary Kay & Johnny/DUM/NBC/CBS/1947-50 Bank Employee
Married...with Children/FOX/1987-97 Kyoto National Bank Loan Officer
My Favorite Husband/CBS/1953-55 Sunset State Bank Executive
My Friend Irma/CBS/1952-54 Richard Rhinelander Investment Company Owner
My Little Margie/CBS/NBC/1952-55 Honeywell & Todd Investment Counselor
My Wife & Kids/ABC/2001-2005 Black Female Stockbroker
My Two Dads/NBC/1987-90 Taft-Kelcher Financial Analyst
Norby/NBC/1955 Small Loans Vice-President
Nurses/NBC/1991-94 Financier Sentenced to Community Service
One Man's Family/NBC/1949-55 Banker
Paradise/CBS/1988-91 Frontier Female Banker
Parenthood/NBC/1990 Financial Analyst
Pointman/UPN/1995 Investment Banker Falsely Imprisoned
Pride & Joy/NBC/1995 Unemployed Stockbroker
Rhoda/CBS/1974-78 First Security Bank Midtown Branch Bank Teller
The $treet/FOX/2000 Wall Street Investment Bankers at Balmont Stevens, Inc.
The Tammy Grimes Show/ABC/1966 Perpetual Savings Bank Customer Relations
Telford's Change/BBC/1979 Banker Transfers Himself To Small Bank Branch
Ten Speed & Brown Show/ABC/1980 Grey, Johnson & Smith Stockbroker/Private Eye
Topper/CBS/1953-56 Bank Vice-President Haunted by Ghosts
Too Close For Comfort/ABC/SYN/1980-86 Bay City Bank Teller
Too Something/FOX/1995 Investment Brokerage Firm
Trinity/NBC/1998 Wall Street Bond Trader Executive
What About Joan?/ABC/2001 Banker Falls In Love With A High School Teacher
Winnetka Road/NBC/1994 Unemployed Stockbroker
Wish You Were Here/CBS/1990 Former Stockbroker on Holiday
Woops!/FOX/1992 Stock Analyst Survives Nuclear Holocaust

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