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 Beauty Culture  See also - "Fashion," "Department Stores," & "Health & Fitness"

(Barbers, Beauticians, Manicurists, Health Spa, & Cosmetics/Perfume Industry) 

Program Description
Aaron's Way/NBC/1988 Beauty Shop Owner
All-American Girl/ABC/1994-95 Department Store Cosmetics Counter Worker
All In The Family/CBS/1971-79 Perfume Salesgirl At Kresler's Department Store
American Family/PBS/2002-2004 East Los Angeles Barber
The Andy Griffith Show/CBS/1960-68 Floyd's Barber Shop (one-chair operation)
Angie/ABC/1979-80 Rose's House Of Beauty Owner
Apple Pie/ABC/1978 Hollyhock Beauty Salon Hairdresser
Babes/FOX/1990-91 Commercial Photographer's Makeup Artist
Bare Essence/NBC/1983 Perfume Industry Executive
The Betty Hutton Show/CBS/1959-60 Showgirl Turned Manicurist & Beautician
The Bonnie Hunt Show/CBS/1995-96 TV Station Makeup Artist
Buffalo Bill/NBC/1983-84 TV Station Makeup Artist
Common Law/ABC/1996 Barber
Cuts/UPN/2005-2006 Hair Salon/Day Spa Owner/Operators
Cutters/CBS/1993 Barber Shop & Beauty Salon Share Facilities
The Critic/ABC/FOX/1994-95 Cable TV Makeup Artist
Delta/ABC/1992-93 Thelma's Hair Dressers
Designing Women/CBS/1986-93 Part-Time Salesgirl For Kemper Cosmetics
Desmond's/C4/1989-94 Black British Barber
Diff'rent Strokes/NBC/1978-86 TV Exercise Show Hostess
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman/CBS/1993-98 Frontier Town Barber
The Dom DeLuise Show/SYN/1987-86 Celebrity Barber
The Drew Carey Show/ABC/1995-2004  Department Store Cosmetics Saleswoman
Family Album/CBS/1993 Hairdresser
First Time Out/WB/1995 Beauty Salon Worker
For Your Love/NBC/WB/1998 Facialist
The Gale Storm Show (Oh! Susanna)/CBS/ABC/1956-60 Ocean Liner Beautician
Good And Evil/ABC/1991 Charlotte Sandler Cosmetics Empire
Grace Under Fire/ABC/1993-98 Hairdresser
Harper Valley/NBC/1981-82 Angel Glow Cosmetics Saleswoman
Hope & Gloria/NBC/1995-96 TV Talk Show Hairdresser
Joe & Mabel/CBS/1956 Westside Beauty Shop Manicurist
Joe & Valerie/NBC/1978-79 Cosmetic Counter/Health Spa Worker
King Of The Hill/FOX/1997-2008 Aspiring Hollywood Makeup Artist
Maggie/ABC/1981-82 Beautician & Manicurist
The Martin Short Show/NBC/1994 Comedy Show Makeup Artist
New Attitude/ABC/1990 New Attitude Beauty Salon Beauticians & Manicurist
Paper Dolls/ABC/1984 Ferrier Cosmetics Owner
The People Next Door/CBS/1989 Beautician
Princesses/CBS/1991 Department Store Cosmetics Counter Worker
Roseanne/ABC/1988-97 Art's Beauty Shop Cleanup Lady
Sex, Love & Secrets/UPN/2005 Oversexed Hairdresser
Shaping Up/ABC/1984 Health Club Owner
Sisters/NBC/1991-96 Wonderful You Cosmetics Saleswoman
Step by Step/ABC/1991-98 Home-Based Beautician
Stockard Channing in Just Friends/CBS/1979 Health Spa Manager
Sugar Time/ABC/1977-78 Dance/Aerobics Instructor
Thea/ABC/1993-94 Home-Based Beautician
Three's Company/ABC/1977-84 Easy Time Cosmetics Part-Time Salesgirl
Turnabout/NBC/1979 Cosmetics Executive & Husband Magically Switch Bodies
The Visual Girl/SYN/1971 Series Focused on Beauty Care
Wild Oats/FOX/1994 Hairstylist
Woops!/FOX/1992 Manicurist Survives Nuclear Holocaust

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