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Book Industry  See also "Advertising",  "Education",  "Journalists", and "Librarians"

(Book editors, authors  & related businesses like book store owners)  

Program  Description 
All-American Girl/ABC/1994-95 Book Store Owners
As Time Goes By/BBC/1992-98 Man Publishes Memoirs Of His Days In Kenya
Ashenden/BBC/1991 Quiet British Writer Recruited As European Spy During WWI
Banacek/NBC/1972-74 Owner of Mulholland's Rare Books And Prints  
The Best of Everything/ABC/1970 Key Publishing Company Employees
Blackeyes/BBC/1989 Elderly Writer Pens Successful Novel Called Blackeyes
The Boys/CBS/1993 Horror Novelist
Bram & Alice/CBS/2002 Renowned Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author & Writer Daughter
The Charmings/ABC/1987-88 Children's Book Author
Dickens Of London/YTV/1976 English Novelist Charles Dickens
Double Trouble/NBC/1984-85 Children's Story Writer
Dream On/HBO/FOX/1990-96 Book Editor
The Edwardians/BBC/1972 Biography on Writer Arthur Conan Doyle
Ellen (These Friends of Mine)/ABC/1994-98 Buy The Book Store/Coffeeshop Owner
The Eve Arden Show/CBS/1957-58 Novelist & Lecturer
Father, Dear Father/THA/1968-73 & 78-79 Mystery Novelist
The Fossett Saga/LWT/1969 Writer Of  "Penny Dreadfuls"
George & Leo/CBS/1997-98 Book Store Owner
The Gregory Hines Show/CBS/1997 Romance Novel Editor
Hemingway/SYN/1988 American Writer Ernest Hemingway
Herman's Head/FOX/1991-94 Waterton Publishing Company Fact Checkers
High Society/CBS/1995-96 Book Publisher & Narcissistic Novelist
Highlander: The Series/SYN/1992-98 Bookstore Owner
Hometown/CBS/1985 Bookstore Owner
Hunter/CBS/1977 Bookstore Owner Turned Government Operative
If Not For You/CBS/1995 Books-On-Tape Producer
It Had To Be You/CBS/1993 Book Publisher Falls In Love With Carpenter
It's Like, You Know.../ABC/1999 Writer From New York Who Hates Los Angeles
Jason King/ATV/1971-72 Author Of Mark Caine Novels
The Jeffersons/CBS/1975-85 Pelham Publishing Company Editor
Karen's Song/FOX/1987 Dexter Publishing Company Executive
Kelly Kelly/WB/1998 Romance Novelist
Living in Captivity/FOX/1998 Novelist
Magnum. P.I./CBS/1980-88 Never-Seen Wealthy Novelist Robin Masters
The Marshall Chronicles/ABC/1990 Fawn Publishing Children's Storybook Editor
Mr. & Mrs. North/CBS/NBC/1952-54 Mystery Story Publisher
Murder, She Wrote/CBS/1984-96 Writer of Jessica Fletcher Mystery Novels
My So-Called Life/ABC/MTV/1994-95 Printing Business
My Sister Eileen/CBS/1960-61 McMann Publishing House Manuscript Reader
Mystery Woman/HAL/2005+ Owner of Mystery Woman Books / Amateur Sleuth
Newhart/CBS/1982-90 How-To-Book Writer
No, Honestly/LWT/1974 Authoress of Ollie The Otter Children's Books
Normal Life/CBS/1990 Novelist
Notorious Woman/BBC/1975 French Novelist Aurore Dupin (a.k.a. "George Sand")
Oh Madeline/ABC/1983-84 Romance Novelist
The Omega Factor/SYN/1981 Writer With Occult Powers
Once & Again/ABC/1999-2002 My Sister's Bookstore (later Booklovers)
Over My Dead Body/CBS/1990-91 British Mystery Writer & Obituary Reporter
Paper Moon/ABC/1974-75 Dixie Bible Company Salesman
Partners In Crime/NBC/1984 Partners In Crime (later Jeanine's Book Store)
Paul Temple/BBC/1969-71 British Novelist/Detective
Peyton Place/ABC/1964-69 Book Shop Owner
Portlandia/IFC/2011 Feminist Book Store Owners
Sable/ABC/1987-88 Spy Poses As Children's Story Writer
Seinfeld/NBC/1990-98 Pendant Publishing Manuscript Reader/Catalog Copywriter
The Singing Detective/BBC/1986-87 Hospitalized Writer Dreams His Book Character
The Smothers Brothers Show/CBS/1965-66 Pandora Publications Executive
The Snoop Sisters/NBC/1973-74 Mystery Writers
Stone/ABC/1980 Novelist Police Detective
Stark/BBC/1993 Sex-Starved Writer Living During Earth's Final Days
Sunday Dinner/CBS/1991 Printing Business Owner
Then Came You/ABC/2000 Book Editor Romances Hotel Room Service Waiter
The Thin Man/NBC/1957-59 Private Eye Turned Mystery Publisher Editor
Thirtysomething/ABC/1987-91 Housewife's Publishing Dreams Put On Hold For Family
Too Close For Comfort/ABC/SYN/1980-86 Random Comics, Wainwright Publishing
Two's Company/LWT/1975-79 American Mystery Novelist Living In London
Valentine's Day/ABC/1964-65 Publishing Executive
We've Got Each Other/CBS/1977-78 Catalog Copywriter
What's Happening Now!!/SYN/1985-87 Novelist
Wilde Alliance/YTV/1978 Detective Fiction Novelist
Window On Main Street/CBS/1961-62 Novelist
Woops!/FOX/1992 Every Woman's Book Store Owner Survives Nuclear Holocaust
Working It Out/NBC/1990 Book Editor
You Can't Take It With You/SYN/1987-88 Freelance Writer

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