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Castaways, Survivors & Marooned

(Survivors of plane crash, shipwrecks, atomic holocausts or lost in future, past or space)

Program Description
The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson/PAX/1998 Family Shipwrecked on Island
Buck Rogers In The 25th Century/NBC/1979-81 Astronaut Stranded In The Future 
Come Back Mrs. Noah/BBC/1977-78 Housewife Accidentally Launched into Orbit
Earth 2/NBC/1994-95 Space Station Personnel Flee to Earth-like Planet
The Fantastic Journey/NBC/1977 Scientists & Aliens Lost in Time Warp
Farscape/SCI/1999-2003 Astronaut Lost In Another Galaxy Encounters Strange Aliens
Gilligan's Island/CBS/1964-67 Charter Boat Shipwreck Survivors 
Gilligan's Planet/CBS/1982-83 Explorers Stranded On Remote Planet
It's About Time/CBS/1966-67 Astronauts Stranded In The Stone Age
Jeremiah/SHO/2002-2004 Survivors of Devastating Plague In The Year 2021
The Journey of Allen Strange/NIK/1997 Stranded Space Alien Befriend Human Kids
Land Of The Giants/ABC/1968-70 Airline Passengers Lost On World Of Giants
Land of the Lost/NBC/ABC/1976-77 & 1991 Father & Children Lost in Time Warp
Logan's Run/CBS/1977-78 Atomic Holocaust Survivors Takes Refuge In Domed City
Lost/ABC/2004+ Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on a strange island filled with a jungle monster, an abandoned underground research facility and a hostile group of humans called 'The Others" 
Lost In Space/CBS/1965-68 Astronauts Lost In Space
Lost On Earth/USA/1997 Stranded Space Aliens Disguised as Puppets
Mission Genesis/SCI/1997-98 Crew of Teenage Humans Awake in Spacecraft
The New People/ABC/1969-70 Plane Crash Survivors on Island
Outlaws/CBS/1986-87 Frontier Outlaws Sent To Future
Planet Of The Apes/CBS/1974 Astronauts Stranded In The Future
Return To The Planet Of The Apes/NBC/1975-76 Astronauts Stranded In The Future
Robinson Crusoe/SYN/1964 Shipwreck Survivor on Island
The Second Hundred Years/ABC/1967-68 Gold Rush Miner Awakens in Future
Space Cases/NIK/1996-97 Spaceship Lost In Black Hole
Stark/BBC/1993 Sex-Starved Writer Living During Earth's Final Days
Starlost/SYN/1973-74 Last of Earth's Population Stranded in Space
Star Trek: Voyager/UPN/1995-2001 Starship Crew Marooned On Far Side of Galaxy
Survivor/CBS/2000-2008 Six People Placed on Deserted Island of Pulau Tiga for 39 Days aka "Survivor: Borneo" - USA (first season title)
aka "Survivor: The Australian Outback" - USA (second season title)
aka "Survivor: Africa" - USA (third season title)
aka "Survivor: Marquesas" - USA (fourth season title)
aka "Survivor: Thailand" - USA (fifth season title)
aka "Survivor: The Amazon" - USA (sixth season title)
aka "Survivor: Pearl Islands" - USA (seventh season title)
aka "Survivor: All-Stars" - USA (eighth season title)
aka "Survivor: Palau" - USA (tenth season title)
aka "Survivor: Guatemala - The Maya Empire" - USA (eleventh season title)
aka "Survivor: Panama - Exile Island" - USA (twelfth season title)
aka "Survivor: Cook Islands" - USA (thirteenth season title)
aka "Survivor: Fiji" - USA (fourteenth season title)
aka "Survivor: China" - USA (fifteenth season title)
aka "Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites" - USA (sixteenth season title)
The Survivors/BBC/1975-77 Survivors Of Global Epidemic
Swiss Family Robinson/ABC/1975-76 Family Shipwrecked on Island
The Swiss Family Robinson/CTV/1975 Family Shipwrecked on Island
Threads/BBC/1984 Aftermath Of Nuclear Attack On Sheffield, England
Whoops Apocalypse/LWT/1982 Outrageous Events Leading Up To World War III
Woops!/FOX/1992 Atomic Holocaust Survivors Congregate At Midwest Farm

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