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City Employees
Program Description
The Andy Griffith Show/CBS/1960-68 Town Sheriff,  County Clerk & Major
Annie McGuire/CBS/1988 Deputy Coordinator Of Community Relations
City/CBS/1990 City Manager & Staff
Danny/CBS/2001 Local Community Center Manager
The Great Gildersleeve/SYN/1954-56 City Water Commissioner
He And She/CBS/1967-68 Manhattan Tourist Aid Society
The Honeymooners/CBS/1955-56 City Sewer Worker
Ichabod And Me/CBS/1961-62 Town Mayor & Traffic Commissioner
In The Heat Of The Night/NBC/CBS/1988-94 City Councilwoman
Lenny/CBS/1990-91 Public Utility (Gas & Electric) Worker
Man of the People/NBC/1991 Larcenous Councilman
Melba/NBC/1986 Director Of Manhattan Visitor's Center
The New Gidget/SYN/1986-88 City Planner
Newhart/CBS/1982-90 Rural Town Mayor
Normal Life/CBS/1990 School Board Member
Northern Exposure/CBS/1990-95 City Chamber of Commerce President
Phyllis/CBS/1975-77 San Francisco Board Of Administration
Thirtysomething/ABC/1987-91 City Hall Administrator
Spin City/ABC/1996-2002 Mayor's Press Secretary
Wings/NBC/1990-97 Councilman & Asst. Director of Tourism
The Wonderful John Acton/NBC/1953 County Clerk

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