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Comics & Comedians

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Program Description
Accidental Family/NBC/1967-68 Nightclub Comic
A.K.A. Pablo/ABC/1984 Aspiring Comic
Broken Badges/CBS/1990-91 Police Ventriloquist
The Danny Thomas Show/ABC/CBS/1953-71 Nightclub Singer/Comic
The Dick Van Dyke Show/CBS/1961-66 TV Comedian/Writers
Full House/ABC/1987-95 Aspiring Comic
The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show/CBS/1950-58 TV Comedians
Hey, Landlord/NBC/1966-67 Aspiring Comic
It's Garry Shandling's Show/SHO/FOX/1986-90 Neurotic Standup Comic
The Jack Benny Show/CBS/NBC/1950-65 TV Comedian
The Jamie Foxx Show/WB/1996-2001 Hotel Lounge Comic
The Joey Bishop Show/NBC/CBS/1962-65 Former Comic Turns TV Talk Show Host
Last Comic Standing/NBC/2003-2007 Competition for the Funniest Comedian
Madame's Place/SYN/1982-83 Comedienne Puppet Hostess of Late-Night Talk Show
The Martin Short Show/NBC/1994 TV Comedy Star
The Morey Amsterdam Show/CBS/DUM/1948-50 Nightclub Comic
Morton & Hayes/CBS/1991 Forgotten 1930-40s Film Comedians Rediscovered
One Big Family/SYN/1986-87 Retired Nightclub Comic
Peter Loves Mary/NBC/1960-61 Retired Comedian/Dancer/Singer
The Red Buttons Show/CBS/NBC/1952-55 TV Comic
Rodney/ABC/2004-2006 Fiberglass Plant Factory Worker Quits His Job to Become a Comedian
Seinfeld/NBC/1990-98 Standup Nightclub Comedian
Soap/ABC/1977-81 Ventriloquist
Sugar Time!/ABC/1977-78 Comedian Appearing At "The Tryout Room"
13 East/NBC/1989-90 Hospital Orderly Aspires To Be Standup Comic
Wendy & Me/ABC/1964-65 Retired Vaudevillian
What A Dummy/SYN/1990-91 Ventriloquist's Vaudevillian Dummy Comes To Life

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