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Computers & Computer Industry  See also - "Electronics" and "Internet"

(Computer designers, hackers, programmers, and holographic/computer entities) 

Program Description
A For Andromeda/BBC/1961 Mysterious Supercomputer Creates Artificial Girl
Acapulco H.E.A.T./SYN/1993-94 Computer Programmer & Hacker
Andromeda/SYN/2000-2005 Female Holographic Computer Entity
The Andromeda Breakthrough/BBC/1962 Scientists Trail Computer Generated Woman
The Army Show/WB/1998 Convicted Computer Hacker Forced To Join US Army
Automan/ABC/1983-84 Computer Programmer & Computer Entity
B.L.Stryker/ABC/1989-90 Computer Industry Tycoon
Bird Of Prey/BBC/1982 Civil Servant Stumbled On Computer-Based Conspiracy
Bird Of Prey 2/BBC/1984 Story Of Computer Fraud
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/WB/1997-2003 Computer Science Teacher (later killed)
Captain N: The Game Master/NBC/1989-92 Boy Transported Into Video Game World
Clarissa Explains It All/NIK/1991-94 Computer Whiz
Class of '96/FOX/1993 College Computer Nerd
Chuck/NBC/2007+ Nerd Herd Computer Store Tech receives via email  thousands of subliminally encrypted government secrets sent by his former college friend (turned spy) before he dies. When Chuck opened his email the information was downloaded into his head and thus Chuck became a security risk. At first, Chuck is  targeted for termination for the data held in his head but later he is hired as an operative. Series tagline: "Computer geek by day. Government operative by night."
Criminal Minds/CBS/2005+ Plump Blond Computer Expert  Aids Team of FBI profilers
Dead At 21/MTV/1994 Brains Implanted With Deadly Intelligence-Boosting Microchip
Deadly Games/UPN/1995-96 Video Game Program Designer
The District/CBS/2000-2004 Director of Crime Analysis/Computer Statistician (COMSTAT)
Down The Shore/FOX/1992-93 Computer Software Writer
Dragon's Lair/ABC/1984-85 Cartoon Based On Video Game With Dirk The Daring
Dweebs/CBS/1995 Cyberbyte Software Employees
First Wave/SCI/1998-2001 Writer of Web Tabloid "The Paranoid Times"
FM/NBC/1989-90 Sexy Computer Technician
Fortune Hunter/FOX/1994 Computer Telemetry Monitor
Friends/NBC/1994-2004 Data Processing Executive
Gene Roddenberry's Earth Final Conflict/SYN/1997-2002 Resistance Computer Hacking Whiz  
Ghostwriter/PBS/1992-95 Ghost in Computer Helps Young Sleuths Solve Crimes
Hidden Hills/NBC/2002-2003 Female Operator of an Adult Porn Web Site
The Home Court/NBC/1995-96 Internet Surfer
Hyperion Bay/WB/1998-99 Muse One Computer Company Businessman
Knight Rider/NBC/1982-86 Computer Entity in Car Assists Undercover Agent
La Femme Nikita/USA/1997-2001 Section One Computer Programmer & Hacker
Marlo & The Magic Movie Machine/CBS/1977-78 Computer Engineer
Max Headroom/ABC/1987 Reporters Alter Ego Escapes into Computer Network/Computer Programmer
Me & Mrs. C/NBC/1986-87 Martin, Barton, & Fargo Computer Company Worker
The Mommies/NBC/1993-95 Computer Technician
The New Ghostwriter Mysteries/CBS/1997 Computer Ghost Helps Kids Solve Crimes
The Net/USA/1998-99 Female Computer Whiz Chased by Computer Terrorists
Oh Baby/LIF/1998-2000 Female Software Firm Executive
Players/NBC/1997-98 Paroled Computer Genius Works for FBI
Pride & Joy/NBC/1995 12-Year-Old Computer Genius
Reboot/ABC/1994-95 Hero Inside A Computer Battles the Evil Megabyte
SeaQuest DSV/NBC/1993-95 16-Year-Old Computer Genius
Search/NBC/1972-73 Super-computerized Probe Detective Agency
Seinfeld/NBC/1990-98 Costanza & Son Computer Sales (Garage Office)
Silver Spoons/NBC/SYN/1982-88 Toy Millionaire's Computer Whiz Son
The Sinbad Show/FOX/1993-94 Computer Video Game Designer
Small Wonder/SYN/1985-89 United Robotronics Electrical  Engineer
Star Trek: Voyager/UPN1995-2001 Holographic Emergency Medicine Physician
Super Force/SYN/1990-92 Computer Entity Monitors Armored Undercover Policeman
Super Mario Bros. Super Show/SYN/1989-91 Video Game Plumber Superheroes
Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad/SYN/1994-95 Teenagers Battle Computer Virus
Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills/USA/1994-95. Computer Whiz
Tekwar/USA/1994-95 Cyberpunk Hackers Navigate Virtual Reality
Three/UPN/1998 Secret Government Agency Blackmails Computer Hacker for Help
VIP/SYN/1998-2002 Valerie Irons Bodyguard Agency Female Computer Expert
VR.5/FOX/1995 Telephone Technician Dabbles in Computer Virtual Reality
War Of The Worlds/SYN/1988-90 Wheelchair-bound Computer Whiz
Weird Science/USA/1994-97 Beautiful Woman Created From Teens Home Computer
What's Happening Now!!/SYN/1985-87 Milster Computers Employee
Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?/PBS/1991-96 Elusive Computer Game Thief
Where On Earth Is Carmen San Diego?/FOX/1994-98 Elusive Computer Game Thief
Whiz Kids/CBS/1983-84 Teenage Computer Genius & His Talking Computer
Wild Palms/ABC/1993 TV Network Incorporates Virtual Reality Into Programming
The X-Files/FOX/1993-2002 Computer Hackers (a.k.a. "The Lone Gunmen")
You're the One/WB/1998 Internet Entrepreneur

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