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Program Description
All In the Family/CBS/1971-79 Bridge Inspector
Angel/CBS/1960-61 Architect
Annie McGuire/CBS/1988 McGuire & Conrad Structural Engineer
Apple's Way/CBS/1974-75 Architect
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/ITV/1983-84 & 1986 British Bricklayers Take Job In Germany
Baby Talk/ABC/1991-92 Apartment Construction Workers
Beverly Hills 90210/FOX/1990-2000 Carpenter/Musician
Big Jim And The Figaro Club/BBC/1981 British Seaside Council Building Tradesmen
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures/FOX/1992 Nail & Hardware Store Clerks
The Bing Crosby Show/ABC/1964-65. Structural Engineer
Blondie/NBC/1957/CBS/1968-69 J.C. Dithers Construction Company Architect
Blue Skies/CBS/1988 Carpenter/Lumber Sawmill Operator
The Brady Bunch/ABC/1969-74 Architect
The Bradys/CBS/1990 Father & Daughter Architects
Brothers/SHO/1984-89 Construction Worker
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/WB/UPN/1997-2003 Carpenter Fights Demons
Built To Last/NBC/1997 Family Owned Construction Firm
The Byrds of Paradise/ABC/1994 Handyman
Cagney And Lacey/CBS/1982-88. Freelance Construction Worker
The Cavanaughs/CBS/1986-89. Construction Foreman
Cheers/NBC/1982-93 AAAA - 'Four A' Painting Company
Chicago Sons/FOX/1997 Yuppie Architect
Claudia, The Story Of A Marriage/NBC/CBS/1952 Aspiring Architect
Clarissa Explains It All/NIK/1991-94 Architect
Clochemerle/BBC/1972. Construction Workers Of A Men's "pissoir" Restroom
Condo/ABC/1983 Landscape Architect
Dads/ABC/1986-87 Stonemason
December Bride/CBS/1954-59. Coricon Co. & Assoc/Gordon Architectural Firm
Dinosaurs/ABC/1991 Prehistoric Tree Pusher
Dreams/CBS/1984 Welder
EastEnders/BBC/1985+ Carpenter/Handyman
Eight is Enough/ABC/1977-81 Mann Construction Company/Bradford Construction
Everything's Relative/CBS/1987 Construction Worker
Family Affair/CBS/1966-71 Davis & Gaynor Construction Co. Engineer
Family Album/CBS/1993. Female Architect
Family Ties/NBC/1982-89 Female Freelance Architec
The Family Tree/NBC/1983 Building Supply Company Owner
The Flintstones/ABC/1960-66 Bedrock Quarry Gravel Company Dino Operator
For Your Love/NBC/WB/1998 Architect
Frank's Place/CBS/1987-88 Handyman
Full House/ABC/1987-88 Exterminator
Grace Under Fire/ABC/1993-98 Reliance Bridge Construction Firm
Happy Days/ABC/1974-84 Cunningham Hardware Store Owner
Here Come The Brides/ABC/1968-70 Logging Camp Operators
Here We Go Again/ABC/1973 Evans Architecture, Inc.
Home Improvement/ABC/1991-99. "Tool Time" Fix-It Cable Show Host & Assistant
Hyperion Bay/WB/1998-99 Frank Sweeny Construction Company
I Married Dora/ABC/1987-88 Hughes, Whitney & Lennox Architectural Firm
I Remember Mama/CBS/1949-56 Carpenter
I'm Dickens, He's Fenster/ABC/1962-63 Bannister Construction Company Carpenters
The Invaders/ABC/1967-68 Architect
It Had To Be You/CBS/1993 Carpenter Fall In Love With Book Publisher
It's Your Move/NBC/1984-85 Stumplerutt Lumber Mills Owner
The Jeff Foxworthy Show/ABC/NBC/1995-96 Heating & Air-Conditioning Engineer
Joe's Life/ABC/1993 Laid-Off Electrician (Aircraft Defense Worker)
Joe's World/NBC/1979-80 House Painter

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