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Program Description
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr./FOX/1993-94 Frontier Outlaws (The Bly Gang)
The Adventures of Fu Manchu/SYN/1955-56.

Chinese Villain

The Adventures of Robin Hood/ABP/1955-59.

Sherwood Forest Outlaw

Against The Wind/SYN/1978

Australian Penal Colonists
Alias Smith & Jones/ABC/1971-73.

Wanted Frontier Outlaws

The Amazing Spiderman/CBS/1978-79

Spider-like Costumed Crimefighter who is called a criminal by newspaper editor

Austin Stories/MTV/1997-98


Berlin Alexanderplatz/SYN/1979

Reformed Criminal Starts Over in Outside World

Beverly Hills Buntz/NBC/1987-88


Big Breadwinner Hog/GRA/1969

Ruthless Villain's Rise In London's Gangland

Birds Of A Feather/BBC/1989-98

Two British Wives Of Imprisoned Criminals

Blacke's Magic/NBC/1986-88

Semi-Retired Flim-Flam Man/Master of Disguise


Dimwitted Gang Of British Street Criminals

The Bounder/YTV/1982-83

Embezzler Released From Prison

Boys From The Black Stuff/BBC/1982

Merseyside Tarmac Gang


Exploits of Small-Time British Crook

The Building/CBS/1993

Big Tony, A Hoodlum With a Foul Mouth

The Charmer/LWT/1987

Conman, Sexual Adventurer, Murderer

The Chicago Teddy Bears/CBS/1971

1920s Speakeasy Mobsters

Code Name: Foxfire/NBC/1985

CIA Agent Falsely Imprisoned Turns Spy

Colonel Humphrey Flack/DUM/1953-54/SYN/1958-59

Robin Hood-like Con-Artist


WWII POWs Held In German Castle

Conceptions Of Murder/LWT/1970

Examination of Six Sensational Murder Cases

Corky & The White Shadow/ABC/1956

Criminal On The Run Tracked By Dog

The Count Of Monte Cristo/SYN/1955-56

Man Falsely Imprisoned Exacts Revenge


Smuggler of Illicit Cargoes

Crime And Punishment/SYN/1961

Interviews with Inmates
Crime, Inc./THA/1984

.Documentary On Mafia Crime Families

Crime Story/NBC/1986-88

1960s Syndicate Mobsters

Dangerous Women/SYN/1991

Two Murderers & Prostitute in Women's Prison

Dead Head/BBC/1986

Small Time Crook Involved In Murder

Deadly Games/UPN/1995-96

Video Game Villain Escaped Into Reality

Designing Women/CBS/1986-93

Ex-Con Delivery Man

Dick Turpin/LWT/1979-80 & 1982

18th Century British Highwayman

Ding Howe And The Flying Tigers/SYN/1950

Evil Leader Of Chinese Hill Bandits

The Dirty Dozen: The Series/FOX/1988

Military Convicts


Parolees Working As Investigators

Dream Street/NBC/1989

Son of Low-Level Mafioso

The Exile/CBS/1991-95

Spy Falsely Accused Of Murder Gets New Identity

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