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Program Description
The Adventures of Brisco, County, Jr./FOX/1993-94 Frontier Dance Hall Singer
American Dreams/NBC/2002-2005 1960s Teen Dances on "American Bandstand"
Blansky's Beauties/ABC/1977 Oasis Hotel, Las Vegas Showgirls
Bluebell/BBC/1986 Folies Bergere Dance Hall Troupe ("The Bluebell Girls")
Bold Venture/SYN/1959-60 .Tina's Palace Of Fun Dance Hall
Caroline in the City/NBC/1995-99 Broadway Dancer Performing In "Cats"
Catwalk/SYN/MTV/1992-94 Dance Instructor/Musician
The Cavanaughs/CBS/1986-89 Former Las Vegas Showgirl Returns Home
China Beach/ABC/1988-91 USO Entertainers
Cleopatra 2525/SYN/2000-2001 An exotic dancer, cryogenically frozen in the year 2001, is accidentally thawed out in 2525 by two female warriors who are fighting against evil robots which have taken over the world.
C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation/CBS/2000+ Former Las Vegas Stripper Becomes Crime Scene Investigator
Designing Women/CBS/1986-93 Sassy Folies-Bergere Las Vegas Showgirl
Dharma & Greg/ABC/1997-2002 Ex-Dancer For "ZZ Top" Rock Group (a 9-month gig)
The Dick Van Dyke/CBS/1961-66 Former USO Dancer
Dirty Dancing/CBS/1988-89 Catskills Mountain Resort Dance Instructor
Do Over/WB/2002 Rebellious High School Cheerleader
Dorothy/CBS/1979 Former Showgirl Turned Teacher
Double Trouble/NBC/1984-85 Gym and Dance Studio Owner
Easy Street/NBC/1986-87 Former Las Vegas Showgirl
Evening Shade/CBS/1990-94 Voluptuous but Dimwitted Stripper
Fame/NBC/SYN/1982-87 Performing Arts School Students
Fame L.A./SYN/1997 Performing Arts School Students
Good Morning, World/CBS/1967-68 Deejay's Professional Dancer Girlfriend
Greetings from Tucson/WB/2002-2003 High School Cheerleader Diva
Hammerman/ABC/1991-92 Magic Dancing Shoes Turns Man Into Superhero
Harry's Girls/NBC/1963-64 Song & Dance Troupe
Hometown/CBS/1985 Former Dancer
Hot City/SYN/1978 L.A.-Based Disco Dance Show
Joe & Valerie/NBC/1978-79 Disco Dancers
The Islanders/ABC/1960-61 Balinese Dancer
Key West/FOX/1993 Beach Bar Go-Go Dancer
Laverne & Shirley/ABC/1976-83 Aspiring Singer/Dancer ("The Big Ragoo")
Let's Dance/ABC/1954 Ballroom Dancing Program
Life Goes On/ABC/1989-93 Talented Ballerina & Aspiring Writer
Makin' It/ABC/1979. Disco Dancer
The Marge & Gower Champion Show/CBS/1957 Choreographer & Dancing Partner
Married People/ABC/1990-91 Aspiring Dancer Worked At Exotic Porthole Dancers
Mr. Belvedere/ABC/1985-90 Beaver Falls High School Football Team Cheerleaders
Mister Ed/SYN/CBS/1960-66 Dance Instructor For Miss Irene's in Hollywood
My Little Margie/CBS/NBC/1952-55 Talented Dancer
Ned Blessing: The Story Of My Life & Times/CBS/1993 Dance Hall Girl
The New Lassie/SYN/1989-91 Glen Ridge High School Cheerleader
Nikki/WB/2000-02 Aspiring Las Vegas Showgirl At Golden Calf Hotel
Occasional Wife/NBC/1966-67 Dancer Turned Librarian
The Paradise Club/BBC/1989-90 Seedy London Dance-Hall
Peter Loves Mary/NBC/1960-61 Retired Dancers/Singers
Princesses/CBS/1991 Former Showgirl Now Widow Of English Prince
The Ray Bolger Show/ABC/1953-55 Song & Dance Man
Rock Candy/SYN/1987 Former Topless Dancer At The Viva Club
Sanford & Son/NBC/1972-77 Former Vaudeville Dancer Turned Junkyard Owner
Saturday Night Live/NBC/1975+ Exotic Male Stripper ("Mango")
Sesame Street/PBS/1969+ Dance Instructor
Solid Gold/SYN/1980-88 Solid Gold Dancers Strut To The Week's Top Records
Square Pegs/CBS/1982-83 Preppy Cheerleader/Captain Of J.V. Squad
Starting From Scratch/SYN/1988-89 Former Showgirl Turned Veterinary Assistant
The Strauss Family/ATV/1972 Lives of Waltz Composer Johann Strauss Sr. & Jr.
Sugar Time!/ABC/1977-78 Willow Dancing School Instructor
Surfside Six/ABC/1960-62 Latin Singer/Dancer (a.k.a. "Cha Cha O'Brien")
Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills/USA/1994-95 Cheerleader
Wendy & Me/ABC/1964-65 Retired Vaudevillian Hoofer
Where's Raymond/ABC/1953-55 Song & Dance Man
Who's Watching The Kids/NBC/1978 Sand Pile Nightclub Showgirls

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