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Department & Discount Stores  See also - "Grocers & Food Handlers"
Program Description
All-American Girl/ABC/1994-95 Department Store Cosmetics Counter Worker
All In The Family/CBS/1971-79 Perfume Salesgirl At Kresler's Department Store
Are You Being Served?/BBC/1972-85 Grace Bros. Department Store Clothing Staff
Are You Being Served?/AUS/1980 Bone Brother's Department Store
Diana/NBC/1973-74 Fashion Coordinator/Illustrator For Buckley's Department Store
The Drew Carey Show/ABC/1995-2004 Staff of Winfred-Lowder Department. Store & Their Assistant Director of Personnel. (When store goes bankrupt it is turned into an Internet shopping website called
Friends/NBC/1994-2004 Bloomingdale's Department Store Assistant Clothes Buyer
The Girl With Something Extra/NBC/1973-74 The Store Variety Shop
The Hamptons/ABC/1983 Duncan-Chadway Department Store Chain
Harpers West One/ATV/1961-63 Staff of  Harpers, A West End Department Store
Heaven For Betsy/CBS/1952 Willmot Department Store Toy Buyer
King Of Kensington/SYN/1975-81 Variety Store Owner
Laverne & Shirley/ABC/1976-83 Bardwell Department Store Gift Wrappers
Live-In/CBS/1989 Macy's Department Store Clothing Manager
Malcolm in the Middle/FOX/2000-2006 Lucky Aide Retail & Drugstore Worker
A Man In The Family/ABC/1991 Macy's Department Store Salesgirl
Many Happy Returns/CBS/1964-65 Krockmeyer's Dept. Store Complaints Manager
The Mary Tyler Moore Show/CBS/1970-77 Hempell's Dept. Store Window Dresser
Maude/CBS/1972-78 Appliance Store Owner
Men Behaving Badly/NBC/1996-97 Office Equipment Supplier
Pardon The Expression/GRA/1965-66 Dobson & Hawks Chain Store Asst. Manager
Perfect Strangers/ABC/1986-93 Ritz Discount Store Owner & Personnel
Princesses/CBS/1991 Macy's Department Store Cosmetics Counter Worker
The Quest/ABC/1982 Department Store Buyer
Rhoda/CBS/1974-78 Window's By Rhoda Department Store Window Dresser
Roseanne/ABC/1988-97 Rodbell's Department Store Cosmetics Salesgirl
The Royal Family/CBS/1991-92 Michaelson's Depart. Store Men's Cologne Counter
Sally/NBC/1957-58 Department Store Saleswoman
Sisters/NBC/1991-96 Big Al's Discount Store
That 70’s Show/FOX/1999-2005 Price-Mart Supervisor
Too Close For Comfort/ABC/SYN/1980-86 Balaban's Department Store Salesgirl
Walter & Emily/NBC/1991-92 Marshal Field Department Store Millinery Saleswoman
The World Of Mr. Sweeney/NBC/1954 General Store Owner

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