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Program Description
A. J. Wentworth, BA/ITV/1982 Burgrove Boy's School Mathematics Teacher
The Absent Minded Professor/NBC/1988-89 College Physics Professor
The Andy Griffith Show/CBS/1960-68 Elementary School Teacher
Anna & The King/CBS/1972 Elementary School Teacher
The Baxters/SYN/1979-81 Elementary School Teacher
The Best Times/NBC/1985 Faculty & Students of  JFK High School
Beverly Hills 90210/FOX/1990-2000 High School/College Students
Big Wave Dave's/CBS/1993 High School Typing Teacher
Billy/ABC/1992 Community College English Teacher
Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School/BBC/1952-61 Food-Craving English School Student
The Bing Crosby Show/ABC/1964-65 Colbert University Consulting Engineer/Teacher
The Bob Newhart Show/CBS/1972-78 Third Grade Elementary Teacher/Vice-Principal
Boston Common/NBC/1996-97 Randolph Harrington College Staff & Students
Boston Public/FOX/2000-04 Principal, Faculty And Students At Winslow High School
Boy Meets World/ABC/1993-2000 John Adams Junior High School Student & Teacher
Breaking Bad/AMC/2008 High school chemistry teacher in mid-life crisis from a terminal diagnosis becomes a criminal by creating illegal drugs (Crystal Meth)  in a RV camper so he can leave his wife and crippled son with financial security.
Bridget Loves Bernie/CBS/1972-73 Elementary School Teacher
Bright Promise/NBC/1969 Bancroft College President & Faculty
The Bronx Zoo/NBC/1987-88 High School Principal & Teachers
Brothers and Sisters/NBC/1979 Pi Nu Fraternity College Students
Brother's Keeper/ABC/1998-99 College History Professor
Buchanan H.S./SYN/1985 High School Students
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/WB/UPN/1997-2003 Sunnydale High School Teenager &  Librarian Fight Vampires/Demons
The Byrds of Paradise/ABC/1994 Private School Headmaster
Campus Ladies/OXY/2006 Two 40 year-old women attend the University of the Midwest looking for fun
Channing/ABC/1963-64 College English Professor & Dean
Charlie and Company/CBS/1985-86 High School Teacher
Christy/CBS/1994-95 Appalachian Missionary Schoolteacher
City Guys/NBC/1997 Manhattan High Students & Principal
Class of '96/FOX/1993 Havenhurst College English Professor & Freshman Students
Clueless/ABC/UPN/1996-99 Spoiled Rich High School Student
The Commish/ABC/1991-95 Elementary School Teacher
Dangerous Minds/ABC/1996-97 Ex-Marine Teaches in Tough Inner-City  High School
The Danny Thomas Show/1953-65 Italian Foreign Exchange Student
Dave's World/CBS/1993-97 Teacher
Davis Rules/ABC/CBS/1991-92 Pomahac Elementary School Principal
Dawson's Creek/WB/1998-2003 High School English Teacher
Day By Day/NBC/1988-89 Day Care Center Owners
Dead Zone/USA/2002-2007 High School Science Teacher Can See Future via Touch
Dear John/NBC/1988-92 High School Teacher
Dear Phoebe/NBC/1954-56 Former College Journalism Instructor Turned Columnist
DeGrassi Junior High/PBS/1987-89 Junior High School Students
DeGrassi High/PBS/1989-91 High School Students
Delta House/ABC/1979 College Students
Detective In The House/CBS/1985 Detective's Teacher Wife
Dharma & Greg/ABC/1997-2002 Yoga Instructor
A Different World/NBC/1987 Students At Hillman College
Dobie Gillis/CBS/1959-63 English Teacher & Students At Central High School
Dobie Gillis/CBS/1959-63 English Teacher & Students At S. Peter Pryor Jr. College
Dorothy/CBS/1979 Girl's School Music & Drama Teacher
Down The Shore/FOX/1992-93 High School Social Studies Teacher
Drexell's Class/FOX/1991-92 5th Grade School Teacher At Grantwood Elementary
The Education of Max Bickford/CBS/2001-02 Widowed Professor At Chadwick College
Eight Is Enough/ABC/1977-81 Memorial High School Guidance Counselor
The Ellen Burstyn Show/ABC/1986-87 College Creative Writing Professor & Author
The Ellen Show/CBS/2001-02 Internet Businesswoman Turned High School Counselor
Evening Shade/CBS/1990-94 High School Math Teacher & P.E. Teacher/Coach

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