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Entertainment Industry Personnel  See also "Actors" and "Comedians"
Program Description
The A-Team/NBC/1983-87 Special Effects Man
Almost Grown/CBS/1988-89 Motion Picture Filmmaker
Dark Justice/CBS/1991-94 Special Effects Expert
The Devlin Connection/NBC/1982 Performing Arts Center Director
The Famous Teddy Z/CBS/1989-90 Mailboy Turned Talent Agent
Five Fingers/NBC/1959-60 Wembly & Sebastian, Ltd. Theatrical Agent/Spy
Frasier/NBC/1993-2004 Radio Talk Show Host's Unscrupulous Talent Agent
The George Burns Show/NBC/1958-59 Theatrical Producer
The Hathaways/ABC/1961-62 Chimpanzee Act Manager
Hey, Mulligan/NBC/1954-55 Studio Page
It's Always Jan/CBS/1955-56 The Harry Cooper Talent Agency
Laverne & Shirley/ABC/1976-83 Squignoski Talent Agency Of Burbank
Madame's Place/SYN/1982-83 Owner Of  Lunch Talent Agency
Makin' It/ABC/1979 William Morris Agency Talent Agent
Me & Maxx/NBC/1980 Ticket Broker
The Mickey Rooney Show/NBC/1954-55 Studio Page
Mr. Adams & Eve/CBS/1956-58 Show Business Couple
Mr. Broadway/CBS/1964-65 Broadway Press Agent
My Sister Eileen/CBS/1960-61 Theatrical Agent
The Nancy Walker Show/ABC/1976 Theatrical Agent
The Nanny/CBS/1993-99 Broadway Theatrical Producer
Oh! Those Bells/CBS/1962 Cinema Rents Theatrical Prop Merchant
The Popcorn Kid/CBS/1987 Movie House Employees
Private Secretary (Susie)/CBS/1953-57 International Artists, Inc. Theatrical Agency
So This Is Hollywood/NBC/1955 Boone Theatrical Agency
That Girl/ABC/1966-71 Gilliam & Norris Theatrical Agency
Throb/SYN/1986-88 Record Company Employees
The Ugliest Girl In Town/ABC/1968-69 Hollywood Agent
A Year At The Top/CBS/1977 Son of Satan Acts As A Talent Agent

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