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Espionage See also "Police & Law Enforcement" and "Soldiers of Fortune"

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Program Description
Acapulco H.E.A.T./SYN/1993-94 Hemisphere Emergency Action Team Agents
Action Man/FOX/2000 Espionage Agent Battles the Forces of Doctor X
Adderly/CBS/1986-89 Dept. of Miscellaneous Affairs Agent
The Adventurer/ITC/1972-73 Movie Star/Secret Agent
The Adventures of Falcon/SYN/1954 US Intelligence Agent
The Agency/CBS/2001-2003 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Operatives
Air America/SYN/1998-99 Undercover CIA Agent Flies Dangerous Missions
Airwolf/CBS/USA/1984-87 THE FIRM, US Spy Agency
Alias/ABC/2001-2006 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) SD-6 Operatives
Amos Burke, Secret Agent/ABC/1965-66 US Intelligence Agent
Ashenden/BBC/1991 Quiet British Writer Recruited As European Spy During WWI
Assignment Vienna/ABC/1972-73 US Intelligence Agent
The Atom Squad/NBC/1953 US Intelligence Agent
The Avengers/ABC/1966-69 Two British Intelligence Agents
The Awful Mr. Goodall/LWT/1974 Retired British MI5 Colonel
Babylon 5/SYN/1994-98 Director of Covert Operations
The Barbary Coast/ABC/1975-76 State Undercover Agent Reports To Governor
The Baron/ATV/ITC/1966 British Intelligence Agent Poses as Antique Dealer
Behind Closed Doors/NBC/1958-59 US Naval Intelligence
Biff Baker, U.S.A./CBS/1952-53 International Intrigue
Blue Light/ABC/1966 World War II American Spy
Callan/ABC/THA/1967-72 British Secret Service Agent/Assassin
The Champions/ITC/NBC/1968-71 Nemesis Espionage Agents
Code Name: Foxfire/NBC/1985 Counterespionage Team
Codename/BBC/1970 British Spies Working For MI 17
Colt .45/ABC/1957-60 Frontier Government Spy
Cool Million/NBC/1972-73 CIA Agent Turned Private Eye
Counterspy/SYN/1958 US Counterintelligence
Counterstrike/USA/1990-93 International Crimefighting Team
Counterthrust/SYN/1959-60 US  Intelligence Agent
Cover Up/CBS/1984-85 Spy Poses As Male Model
Cowboy G-Men/SYN/1952-53 Frontier Government Spies
Danger Man/ATV/ITC/1960-61;1964-67/CBS/1961 NATO Espionage Agent
Danger Man/CBS/1961 NATO Espionage Agent
Dangermouse/THA/1981-87 Rodent Secret Agent
Dangerous Assignment/SYN/1952 US Intelligence Agent
Dark Skies/NBC/1996-97 Secret Government Agency (Majestic-12)
Dead At 21/MTV/1994 Ruthless Government Agent
The Delphi Bureau/ABC/1972-73 US Intelligence Agent
The Door With No Name/NBC/1951-52 US Intelligence Agent
Doorway To Danger/ABC/1952-53 US Intelligence Agent
The Double Life of Henry Phyfe/ABC/1966 US Double Agent
Earth 2/NBC/1994-95 Space Expedition Physician Turns Out To Be A Spy  
Emma Brody/FOX/2002 CIA Courier Involved with London Embassy Vice-Consul
Espionage/ITC/NBC/1963-64 Spy Stories Based on Actual Cases
The Equalizer/CBS/1985-89 CIA Agent Turned Urban Vigilante
The Exile/CBS/1991-95 DCS & French Intelligence Agents
The Falcon/SYN 1954 US Intelligence Agent
The Fellows (Late Of Room 17)/GRA/1967 Trackers of Highly Intelligent Criminals
The Fifth Corner/NBC/1992 Spy With Amnesia
Five Fingers/NBC/1959-60 US Counterspy
Fortune Hunter/FOX/1994 Former British Spy Employed by Intercept Corporation
Game, Set, Match/GRA/1988 One-Time British Secret Agent Seeks Security Leak
Gavilan/NBC/1982-83 CIA Agent Turned Oceanographer
Gemini Man/NBC/1976 INTERSECT Agent Able To Turn Invisible
Get Smart/NBC/CBS/1965-70 CONTROL Agents
Get Smart/FOX/1995 CONTROL Agents
The Girl From U.N.C.L.E./NBC/1966-67 U.N.C.L.E. Agents
The Gray Ghost/SYN/1957 Confederate Spy
The Great American Hero/ABC/1981-83 FBI Agent
Gunslinger/CBS/1961 US Cavalry Undercover Agent
Hannay/THA/1988-89 British Officer Battles Espionage Agents Of Imperial Germany
Hunter/SYN/1968 COSMIC, a British Spy Agency
The Hunter/CBS/NBC/1952-54 US Intelligence Agent
Hunter/CBS/1977 US Counterintelligence 
I Led Three Lives/SYN/1953-56 FBI Counterspy
I Spy/SYN/1955-56 Anton the Spymaster Hosts Anthology of Modern Spy Stories
I Spy/NBC/1965-68 US Intelligence Agents Pose as Tennis Pros
Intrigue/ABP/1966 Industrial Espionage Agent
The Invisible Man/CBS/1958-60 British Intelligence
The Invisible Man/1975-75 Corporate Espionage Agent
It Takes A Thief/ABC/1968-70 Thief Recruited as SIA Spy Agent
Jack of All Trades/UPN/2000-2001 Swashbuckling 19th Century American Spy
James Bond Jr./SYN/1991 17-Year-Old Nephew of British Supersleuth
Jane/BBC/1982 Female WWII British Undercover Agent
Jane In The Dessert/BBC/1984 Female WWII British Undercover Agent
Jane Doe/HAL/2005+ Married Soccer Mom Secretly Returns to Work for the National Security Agency
Jericho/CBS/1966-67 World War II Allied Spies
The John Forsythe Show/NBC/1965-66 US Undercover Agent

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