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Factory & Manufacturing Workers
Program Description
All In The Family/CBS/1971-79 Loading Dock Foreman
Arnie/CBS/1970-72 Loading Dock Foreman
The Boys/CBS/1993 Retired Tar Factory Worker
The Cara Williams Show/CBS/1964-65 Fenwick Diversified Industries, Inc.
Curry And Chips/LWT/1969 Pakistani Immigrant Factory Worker
A Date With Judy/ABC/1951-53 Foster Canning Company Owner
Down and Out in Beverly Hills/FOX/1987 Clothes Hanger Manufacturer
Dreams/CBS/1984 Welder
The Fall & Rise Of Reginald Perrin/BBC/1976-80 Jelly Factory Executive
The Fitzpatricks/CBS/1977-78 Steelworker
George Lopez/ABC/2002-2007 Airplane Parts Factory Manager (Powers & Sons Aviation)
God, the Devil & Bob/NBC/2000. Associated Motors Assembly-line worker
The Good Life/NBC/1994 Warehouse Loading Dock Manager
The Goodtime Girls/ABC/1980 Defense Plant Worker
Grace Under Fire/ABC/1993-98 CBD Oil Refinery Worker
The Grubbs/FOX/2002 Steel Mill Workers (Three Generations of Them)
Hard Times/GRA/1977 British Industrial Factory Workers
The Jetsons/ABC/1962-63 Spacely Space Sprockets Owner
Joe & Sons/CBS/1975-76 Sheet Metal Worker
Laverne & Shirley/ABC/1976-83 Shotz Brewery Workers
Leo & Liz In Beverly Hills/CBS/1986 Lovely Lady Bra Manufacturing Company Owner
Life Goes On/ABC/1989-93 Stollmark Industries Cross Worker
(Scrap Metal & Pipes)
The Life Of Riley/NBC/1949-58 Aircraft Plant Riveter
Love For Lydia/LWT/1977 British Factory Owner
Love Thy Neighbor/ABC/1973 Electronics Shop Steward
Making Out/BBC/1989-91 British Factory Workers At Lyne Electronics
Mogul/BBC/1965 Mogul International Oil Corporation Executives & Drillers
Nearest And Dearest/GRA/1968-72 Brother & Sister Inherit Pickle Factory Fortune
The New Phil Silvers Show/CBS/1963-64 Osborne Industries Maintenance Foreman
Nine To Five/ABC/SYN/1982-88 Consolidated Industy/American Household Products
Oil Strike North/BBC/1975 Search for Oil In The North Sea
Promised Land/CBS/1996-99 Laid-Off Factory Worker Cruises America With Family
Rags To Riches/NBC/1987-88 Foley Frozen Food Manufacturer
Ramona/SYN/1988 Frozen Foods Worker
Red Dwarf/BBC/1988-1999 Space Mining Operations
Rodney/ABC/2004-2006 Fiberglass Factory Worker Turned Comedian
Roseanne/ABC/1988-97 Wellman Plastics Factory Worker
Skag/NBC/1980. Steel Mill Foreman
The Secret World Of Alex Mack/NIK/1994-98 Chemical Plant Chemist & Executives
Thicker Than Water/ABC/1973 Paine's Pure Pickles Manufacturers
The Waltons/CBS/1972-81 Pickett Metal Products Company Worker
A Year In The Life/NBC/1987-88 Plastics Manufacturer

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