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Farmers & Ranchers  See also "Food Industry"
Program Description

Aaron's Way/NBC/1988

Amish Vineyard Owner  

Adventures in Dairyland/ABC/1955-59

Sunny Acres Dairy Farm

As Time Goes By/BBC/1992-2002

Coffee Plantation Manager Returns to England

The Beverly Hillbillies/CBS/1962-71

Ozark Hillbillies Move to Beverly Hills

The Big Valley/ABC/1965-69

Cattle Rancher


Cattle Rancher

Cimarron City/NBC/1958-60

Cattle Rancher

Cowboy in Africa/ABC/1967-68

African Game Rancher

The Cowboys/ABC/1974

Cattle Rancher


Cattle/Oil Rancher  

The Darling Buds of May/YTV/1991-93

Boisterous British Farm Family

Days of Hope/BBC/1975

Yorkshire Farming Community
The Dukes of Hazzard/CBS/1979-85

Crops Farmer

The Egg & I/CBS/1951-52

Chicken Farmer


Ranch Owner

Falcon Crest/CBS/1981-90

Grape Grower and Wine Producer  

Four Corners/CBS/1998


Green Acres/CBS/1965-71

Lawyer Turned Crops Farmer  

The Hanging Gale/BBC/1995

Irish Farmers During The Potato Famine of 1846


Crops Farmer  

Hey Dude/NIK/1989-91

Staff At The Bar None Dude Ranch

The High Chaparral/NBC/1967-71

Cattle Rancher  

I Love Lucy/CBS/1951-57

Egg Farm Business


Cattle and Sheep Rancher


Cattle Rancher


Crops and Dairy Farmer  


Post-Civil War Kentucky Horse & Tobacco Farmers
Little House on the Prairie/NBC/1974-83

Prairie Farmer and Homesteader

The Long Hot Summer/ABC/1965-66

Crops Farmer
Mayberry R.F.D./CBS/1968-71

Crops Farmer

The Monroes/ABC/1966-67

Farmer and Homesteader

My Friend Flicka/CBS/NBC/1956-58

Horse Rancher

National Velvet/NBC/1960-62

Brown Dairy Ranch 

Neon Rider/SYN/1990-91

Canadian Rancher Rehabilitates Troubled Teens

The New Land/ABC/1974

Farmer and Homesteader

Perfect Strangers/ABC/1986-92

Former Sheep Herder

Pistols 'N Petticoats/CBS/1966-67

Farmer and Homesteader

The Real McCoys/ABC/CBS/1957-63

Chicken and Dairy Farmer


Cattle Rancher

The Rifleman/ABC/1958-63

Rancher and Homesteader

The Road West/NBC/1966-67

Rancher and Homesteader  

The Roy Rogers Show/NBC/1951-57


Seven Brides For Seven Brothers/CBS/1982-83

Ranchers and Homesteaders

Sky King/ABC/1953-54

Naval Aviator Turned Rancher (Flying Crown Ranch)  

Snowy River: The McGregor Saga/FAM/1993-94

Australian Rancher

British Sheep Farm in Village of Porthshire

Tales Of Wells Fargo/NBC/1957-62

Cattle Rancher  

Tom Grattan's War/YTV/1968-70

Life On An English Farm During WWI

Two Marriages/ABC/1983-84

Dairy Farmer  

Wind on Water/NBC/1998

Hawaiian Cattle Rancher

The Yellow Rose/NBC/1983-84

Cattle Rancher

The Young Pioneers/ABC/1978

Farmer and Homesteader

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