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Firefighters  See also "Rangers"  

(Includes Firemen & Paramedics)

Program Description
The Boys/CBS/1993 Retired Firefighter
Blossom/NBC/1991-95 Paramedic
Boon/CEN/1986-92 Retired Fireman Places Want-Ad "Anything Legal Considered"
Code R/CBS/1977 Channel Island, Fire Chief, Lifeguard & Ocean Rescue Services
Code Red/ABC/1981-82 Fireman (Arson Investigator) & His Two Firemen Sons
Code 3/FOX/1992-94 Videos of Paramedics, Firefighters, Cops on Duty
Emergency/NBC/1972-77 Firemen & Paramedics
Emergency Calls/SYN/1991-92 Documentary on Firefighters and Rescue Teams
Emergency+4/NBC/1973-76 Cartoon Paramedics
Extreme/ABC/1995 Mountain Rescue Unit
The Family Man/CBS/1990-91 Eagle Ridge Fire Department Captain & Crew
The Fighting Fitzgeralds/NBC/2001 Widowed, Retired Fireman & His Family 
Fire Crackers/ATV/1964-65 English Village Firemen
Firehouse/ABC/1974 Firemen (Engine Co. 23)
Ghost Whisperer/CBS/2005+ Paramedic's Wife Communicates with Earthbound Spirits Left Behind with Unresolved Issues.
H.E.L.P./ABC/1990 Harlem Eastside Lifesaving (Police, Firemen & Paramedics) 
High Mountain Rangers/CBS/1988 Elite Mountain Rescue Squad
High Sierra Search and Rescue/NBC/1995 Volunteer Mountain Rescue Team
Kelly Kelly/WB/1998 Fireman
L.A. Firefighters/FOX/1996 Firemen
Leave It To Beaver/CBS/ABC/1957-63 Gus, The Old Fire Chief at Fire Station No. 7
London's Burning/LWT/1988-2003 On & Off Duty Firemen of Blue Watch B25 Blackwall
Paramedics/TLC/1999 Paramedics on the Job
Rescue 911/CBS/1989-92 Heroic Efforts of Police, Firemen & Paramedics
Rescue 8/SYN/1958-60 Firemen & Paramedics
Rescue 77/WB/1999 Perils Faced By Firemen and Paramedics 
Rescue Me/FX/2004+ Tommy Gavin, a senior Firefighter with FDNY's Ladder Company 62 whose marriage is on the rocks, Oh yeah, Tommy also sees and talks to the dead victims of his previous fires.
Search & Rescue: The Alpha Team/NBC/1977-78 Wildlife Preserve Rescuers
Star Of The Family/ABC/1982 Fire Company 64 Captain & Firemen 
Super Adventure Team/MTV/1998 Elite Rescue Team
Third Watch/NBC/1999-2005 55th Precinct Firemen, Paramedics & Policemen 
Thunderbirds/ATV/1965-66 International Rescue Organization
Truck One/NBC/1989. Emergency Services Unit
True Blue/NBC/1989-90 Emergency Services Unit

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