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Flashbackers  See also "Day-Dreamers"

(Characters who mentally flashback to images & experiences in the past)

Program Description
Almost Grown/CBS/1988-89 Divorced But Still In Love Couple Flashback On Life
Any Day Now/LIF/1998-2002 Two Women (One White/One Black) Recall Childhood
Brett/BBC/1971 Life of Writer Turned Tycoon
The Cleopatras/BBC/1983 Story of Ancient Egyptian Queen Told Via Flashbacks
Crimes of Passion/ATV/1970-73 French Courtroom Trials Told Through Flashbacks
Dream On/HBO/FOX/1990-95 Book Editor's Thoughts Filled With Old Film/TV Clips
Free Country/ABC/1978 89-Year-Old Lithuanian Immigrant Reminisces
How I Met Your Mother/CBS/2005+ Husband Recalls How He Met His Wife to his Children in the Future
Inside Schwartz/NBC/2001-02 Sports Buff's Mind Filled with Famous Sports Highlights 
Kung Fu/ABC/1972-75 Shaolin Monk Flashes Back To Past 
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues/ABC/1992-96 Shaolin Monk Flashes Back to Past
Lost/ABC/2004-2010 Survivors of a plane crash flashback and flash forward to moments in their life prior to and after their crash landing on a mysterious  Island.
My Life And Times/ABC/1991 85-Year-Old Journalist Reminisces
Nightingale's Boys/GRA/1975 Aging Schoolmaster Reflects On His Former Students
Paradise Postponed/THA/1986 Stories Flash From Present to Post WWII England
Providence/NBC/1999-2002 Daughter Talks With Her Dead Mother In Her Dreams
Reunion/FOX/2005 Former high school graduates flashback to the year 1985 after one of their group is killed in 2005.
Sidekicks/ABC/1986-87 Youth Contacts Dead Grandfather In His Dreams/Meditations
Sisters/NBC/1991-96 Four Adult Sisters Flashback To Their Childhood Selves
That Was Then/ABC/2002 Man Wants To Be 16 Again and Gets Sent Through Time
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles/ABC/1992-93 Elderly Indy Recounts Life's Story

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