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Genies  See also - "Magic & Magicians," "Sorcerers" & "Witches"
Program Description
Disney's Aladdin/CBS/SYN/1993-95 Blue Genie Befriends a Street Urchin Named Aladdin 
The Genie From Down Under/AUS/BBC/1996-98 Spoiled Teenager Releases Two Genies Trapped Inside a Piece of Opal Jewelry
I Dream Of Jeannie/NBC/1965-70 Blond Female Genie Trapped in a Bottle is Rescued by an Astronaut
Just Our Luck/ABC/1983 196-Year-Old Black Genie From A Bottle
Lidsville/ABC/1971-74 Weenie the Genie Helps a Boy Named Mark Battle Hoo Doo the Magician in a Land of Hats
Pee Wee's Playhouse/CBS/1986-91 Genie Named Jambi Lives in a Playhouse Box
Shazzan!/CBS/1967-69 Giant Genie Aids Twins Transported To Ancient Persia
Sigmund & the Sea Monsters/NBC/1973-75 Sheldon the Sea Genie Assists Sea Monsters and Their Human Companions
Weird Science/USA/1994-97 Two Teenagers Create a  Genie When Lightning Hits Their Personal Computer
You Wish (Genie)/ABC/1997-98 Male Genie Wrapped in Carpet Is Released by Housewife Searching to Buy a Rug for Her Home.

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