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Ghosts  See also - "Angels", "Death & Dying",  "Invisible & Imaginary Beings" , "Satan & Devilish Beings",  "Vampires, Werewolves & Monsters"
Program Description
Beetlejuice/ABC/1989-92 Zany Ghost Befriends Little Girl
Buford And The Galloping Ghost/NBC/1979 Prospector's Ghost Haunts Dude Ranch
Casper And The Angels/NBC/1979-80 Childlike Ghost Helps The Future
Casper The Friendly Ghost/ABC/1963-69 Childlike Ghost Helps People
The Crow: Stairway To Heaven/SYN/1998-99 Murdered Rock Star is Reincarnated to Battles Evil
Danny Phantom/NIK/2004+ 14 year-old boy is accidentally given ghostly powers
Due South/CBS/SYN/1994-98 Mountie's Dead Father Counsels His Son
Extreme Ghostbusters/SYN/1997 Four Inner-City Teens Eradicate Ghosts
Elly & Jools/SYN/1989 15-Year-Old Girl Ghost Haunts House
Funky Phantom/ABC/1971-72 Revolutionary War Ghost Befriends Teenagers & Dog
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir/NBC/ABC/1968-70. Sea Captain's Ghost Haunts Cottage
The Ghost Busters/CBS/1975-76 Two Guys & Pet Gorilla Hunt Ghosts
Ghostbusters/SYN/1986 Ghost Hunters Track Down Ghosts, Goblins, & Gremlins
Ghost Hunters/SCI-2004+ Real-life paranormal researchers investigate haunted houses throughout the country
Ghost Stories/SYN/1997-98 Supernatural Anthology
Ghost Story (Circle Of Fear)/NBC/1972-73 Supernatural Anthology
Ghost Whisperer/CBS/2005+ Young married woman can see dead people and helps them resolve issues so they can cross over
The Ghosts Of Motley Hall/ITV/1976-78 Ghosts Haunt British Mansion
Ghost Sweeper Mikami/SYN/1993 Female Ghost Hunter
Ghostwriter/PBS/1992-95 Ghost In Computer Helps Young Sleuths Solve Crimes
Goober And The Ghost Chasers/ABC/1973-75 Reporters & Dog Investigate Ghosts
Great Ghost Tales/NBC/1961 Supernatural Anthology
Haunted/ITV/1967-68 Tales of Psychic Phenomenon And The Occult
Haunted/UPN2002 Ex-cop Turned Private Investigator Can Talk with the Dead
Jennifer Slept Here/NBC/1983-84 Movie Actress Ghost
Jenny/NBC/1997-98 Wanna-Be Actress & Deceased B-Movie Actor
McDuff, The Talking Dog/NBC/1976 Sheepdog Ghost
Medium/NBC/2005+ Psychic Sees Dead People & Those in Distress
Nearly Departed/NBC/1989 Deceased Couple Haunt Their House
The New Ghostwriter Mysteries/CBS/1997 Computer Ghost Helps Kids Solve Crimes
Nightmare Cafe/NBC/1992 Supernatural Cafe Staffed by Three Ghosts
The One Hundred Lives Of Black Jack Savage/NBC/1991 Ghost Of Caribbean Pirate
Poltergeist: The Legacy/SHO/SCI/1996-99 Paranormal Team Battle Occult Beings
Polterguests/ITV/1999 Women Buys a Hotel with Three Resident Ghosts
Providence/NBC/1999-02 Dead Mother Visits Her Daughter's Dreams
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)/SYN/1969-70 Ghost of Deceased Private Eye
Round the Twist/ACT/1989 Family Moves Into Haunted Lighthouse
Scooby Dooby Doo/CBS/1969-79 Cowardly Great Dane & Teenage Ghostbusters
Shades Of L.A./SYN/1990-91 Police Detective Communicates With Ghosts (Shades)
Shadow Chasers/ABC/1985-86 Ghost Hunters
Supernatural/WB/CW/2005+ Two brothers cross America in a '67 Chevy Impala vanquishing evil ghosts/demons based on urban legends
Topper/CBS/ABC/1953-56 Deceased Couple Haunt Their House
Turn Out The Lights/GRA/1967 Amateur Ghost Hunters

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