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Homosexuals See also   "SEX - Homosexuality"

(Includes Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Characters and Cross-Dressers)

Program Description
Agony/LWT/1979-81 Gay British Neighbors
Barney Miller/ABC/1975-82 Gay Patrolman
Beverly Hills, 90210/FOX/1990-98 Lesbian Mother (Steve Sander’s Mom)
Body & Soul/NBC/2002 Dr. Quinton Bremmer, Gay Family Medicine Specialist
Brothers/SHO/1984-89 Gay Brother
Check It Out/SYN/1986-7 Gay Supermarket Clerk  
Chicago Hope/CBS/1994-2000 Dr. Dennis Hancock and Andy, Dr. Catera's Assistant
The Crew/FOX/1995-96 Gay Flight Attendant
Crumbs/ABC/2006 Gay Writer Returns to his Connecticut Family
Cutters/CBS/1993 Openly Gay Black Hair Stylist
Daddy's Girls/CBS/1994 Gay Fashion Designer
Dawson's Creek/WB/1998-2003 Joey's ex-boyfriend and Andie's brother, Jack McPhee
Doctor, Doctor/CBS/1989-90 Gay Brother of Doctor  
The Drew Carey Show/ABC/1995-2004 Drew's heterosexual cross-dressing brother, Steve
Dynasty/ABC/1981-87 Gay Son of Millionaire
Ellen (These Friends of Mine)/ABC/1994-98 Lesbian Bookstore Manager
ER/NBC/1994+ Intern Maggie Doyle and Male Nurse Yosh Takata and Dr. Kerry Weaver and Her Lesbian Lover.
Felicity/WB/199 Gay Younger Brother (Ryan Crane)
Friends/NBC/1994-2004 Ross Gellar's ex-wife Carol Wylick and her spouse, Susan Bunch (Sidenote: Chandler Bing's father is gay and people mistake Chandler for being gay)
Freestyles/SYN/1990s Syndicated Newsmagazine for Gays
Golden Girls/NBC/1985-92 Gay Housekeeper (one episode only)
Heartbeat/ABC/1988 Gay Nurse Practitioner
Hollywood Beat/ABC/1985 Gay Ex-Linebacker/Snitch  
Homicide: LOTS/NBC/1992-99 Detective Tim Bayliss (abused by a priest as a child)
Hot'l Baltimore/ABC/1975 Gay Couple in Hotel
The L Word/SHO/2004+ Close-knit Group of Lesbians Living in Los Angeles
In Living Color/FOX/1990-94 Gay Movie Critics on "Men on Film" Skits
L.A. Law/NBC/1986-94 Lesbian (Bisexual) Lawyer
The Larry Sanders Show/HBO/1992-98 Gay Talk Show Assistant  
Leap Years/SHO/2001-02 Gay Critic/Wannabe Filmmaker (later turns Therapist)
Linc's/SHO/1998-2000 Rosealee, daughter of bar owner Linc Lincoln
Love, Sidney/NBC/1981-83 Gay Commercial Artist
Mad About You/NBC/1992-99 Paul Buchman's sister, Debbie and her physician lover, Joan (who is Jamie's gynecologist)
Maggie/LIF/1998-2000 Teen Cartoonist Pretends He's Gay ("All Great Artists Are Gay")
Melrose Place/FOX/1992-99 Gay Social Worker/Naval Officer Forced From Service
Muscle/WB/1995 Lesbian TV Anchorwoman
My So-Called Life/ABC/MTV/1994-95 Gay High School Student
The Nancy Walker Show/ABC/1976-77 Gay Unemployed Actor
Nash Bridges/CBS/1996-2001 Nash's sister, Stacey Bridges and receptionist Pepe
New Attitude/ABC/1990 Flamboyant Black Hair Stylist
N.Y.P.D. BLUE/ABC/1993-2005 Officer Abby Sullivan and Receptionist John Irvin
Oliver Beene/FOX/2003-2004 Michael, Gay Friend of 11-year-old Boy Living in 1962
Party Girl/FOX/1996 Wisecracking Gay Fashion Stylist Friend
Party of Five/FOX/1994-2000 Teenager’s Lesbian Experimentation (Julia Salinger)
Popular/WB/1999-2001 Teenager’s Mother Reveals She’s a Lesbian (Mrs. John)
Profiler/NBC/1996-2000 Violent Crime Task Force computer specialist George Fraley
Public Morals/CBS/1996 Gay Administrative Assistant
The Pursuit of Happiness/NBC/1995 Gay Lawyer
The Roads To Freedom/PBS/1972 Professor, a Homosexual & a Communist
Roseanne/ABC/1988-97 Gay Restaurant Manager/ Probate Lawyer/Lesbian Friend
Rude Awakenings/SHO/1998-2001 Billie Frank's Addiction Anonymous friend, Jackie
Saturday Night Live/NBC/1976+ (Dieter) Gay TV Host of "Sprockets";  "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" superheroes (Gary & Ace); Mango a Gay Dancer
Secret Passions/SYN/1990 Gay Soap Opera (80% Of Characters Were Gay)
The Simpsons/FOX/1989+ Mrs. Burns Gay Executive Secretary, Waylon Smithers
Sisters/NBC/1991-96 Lesbian TV Producer
Soap/ABC/1977-81 Gay Step-Son
Spin City/ABC/1996-2002 Mayor's Office Director of Minority Affairs, Carter Heywood
Suddenly Susan/NBC/1996-99 Pete, the Mail Room Guy & his husband
Three's Company/ABC/1977-84 Straight Man Poses as Gay
Torchwood/BCC/2006+ Bi-sexual Captain Jack Harkness,a former Time Agent and con man from the 51st century who runs a secret organization known as Torchwood
Tough Cookies/CBS/1986 Gay Son of Widowed Pub Owner
Tracy Ullman Show/FOX/1987-90 Gay Father & Lover Raise Teenager
Tracy Takes On.../HBO/1996-99 40-ish Gay British Airline Steward With Boyfriend
Tracy Takes On.../HBO/1996-99 Assertive Lesbian & Her Golf Pro Girlfriend
227/NBC/1989-91 Effeminate Black Landlord  
Unhappily Ever After/WB/1995-99 Barry Wallenstein, Gay High School Student
Veronica's Closet/NBC/1997-99 Office Assistant Who Denies He's Gay
Will & Grace/NBC/1998-2006 Gay Lawyer Will Truman and His Unemployed Friend, Jack
Wings/NBC/1990-97 Gay Lawyer Son of Aeromass Airlines Owner
Women In Prison/FOX/1987-88 Lesbian Prisoners

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