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Imposters  See also  "Espionage"

(Includes illegal alien green card scams to become a citizen)

Program Description
Ask Harriet/FOX/1998 Sportswriter Poses As Woman To Get Job
Billy/ABC/1992 Frightened of Deportation Scottish Teacher Illegally Marries Divorcee
Blossom/NBC/1991-95 Man Married British Woman To Keep Her In Country
Bosom Buddies/ABC/NBC/1980-84 Men Pose As Women To Get Apartment
The Cara Williams Show/CBS/1964-65 Married Couple Pose As Singles To Keep Jobs
Dear Phoebe/NBC/1954-55 Male Poses as Female Newspaper Lovelorn Columnist
The Double Life Of Henry Phyfe/ABC/1966 Look-alike Replaces Killed Spy
The Exile/CBS/1991-95 Spy Falsely Accused Of Murder Gets New Identity
A Family For Joe/NBC/1990 Homeless Man Poses As Orphans Grandfather
Father Murphy/NBC/1981-84 Gold Miner Poses As Priest
Fired Up/NBC/1997 Female Celebrity Impersonator
Five Fingers/NBC/1959-60 US Secret Agent Poses As Theatrical Agent
Flesh 'n' Blood/NBC/1991 Southern Con Artist Poses As Attorney's Brother
The Good Life/NBC/1971-72 Couple Pose As Servants
The Hanged Man/YTV/1975 Man Creates Illusion He's Dead To Find Killer
Human Target/ABC/1992 Decoy-For-Hire Impersonates People In Danger
I Married Dora/ABC/1987-88 Architect Marries Illegal Alien To Prevent Deportation
Just Like Family/DIS/1989 Two Orphans Pose As Surrogate Children
Learning The Ropes/SYN/1988-89 School Teacher Secretly Moonlights As Wrestler
The Man Who Never Was/ABC/1966-67 Spy Poses As His Lookalike
M*A*S*H/CBS/1972-83 Soldier Poses As Woman To Get Sent Home
Mork & Mindy/ABC/1978-82 Alien Poses As Earthling
My Favorite Martian/CBS/1963-66 Martian Poses As Earthling's Uncle
Ned And Stacey/FOX/1995-97 Ad Executive Enters Sham Marriage to Get Promotion
The New Adventures Of Beans Baxter/FOX/1987-88 Spy Poses As Postal Courier
Occasional Wife/NBC/1966-67 Woman Poses As Bachelor's Wife
On Our Own/ABC/1994-95 Orphan Poses As His Aunt to Fool Social Worker
Out Of The Blue/ABC/1979 Angel Poses As High School Science Teacher
The Pretender/NBC/TNT1996-2000 Genius Takes On Guise Of Many Occupations
RuPaul/VH1/1996-98 Transvestite Cable TV Host
Scorch/CBS/1992 1,300-Year-Old Dragon Poses As Weatherman's On-Air Puppet
Starman/ABC/1986-87 Alien Assumes Human Form
Three's Company/ABC/1977-81 Straight Man Poses As Gay Person
3rd Rock From The Sun/NBC/1996-2001 4 Aliens Pose As Humans to Observe Earth
Turnabout/NBC/1979 Husband & Wife Switch Bodies & Pose As Each Other
The Ugliest Girl in Town/ABC/1968-69 Man Poses As Female Model
Undermind/ABP/1965 "The Sixth Column," Alien Subversives Out To Destroy Society
V (V: The Final Battle)/NBC/1983-85 Invading Reptilian Aliens Pose As Humans

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