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Inventors  See also "Geniuses"
Program Description
The Absent-Minded Professor/NBC/1988-89 Eccentric Physics Professor & Inventor
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr./FOX/1993-94. Eccentric Frontier Inventor
The Adventures of Pete & Pete/NIK/1993-96 Nutty Inventor
Ally McBeal/FOX/1997-2002 Amateur Inventor (Face Bra, Cool Cup, Ice Goggles)
Back To The Future/CBS/1991-93 Eccentric Time Traveling Scientist /Inventor
The Bob Crane Show/NBC/1975 Eccentric Inventor
Dr. Snuggles/SYN/1981 Loveable Inventor
Eerie Indiana/NBC/1991-92 Inventor ("Things, Inc.)
Family Matters/ABC/1989-96/CBS/1997-98 Brainy Nerdy Teenage Inventor
Fibber McGee & Molly/NBC/1959-60 Amateur Inventor & "World's Greatest Liar"
Gavilan/NBC/1982-83 Oceanographer  & Inventor
Gilligan's Island/CBS/1964-57 High School Science Teacher & Inventor
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids/SYN/1997-2000 Accident-prone Inventor
Last Of The Summer Wine/BBC/1973+ Elderly Crackpot Inventor
Legend/UPN/1995 Frontier Inventor
Maniac Mansion/FAM/1990-93 Looney Inventor Turns Brother-In-Law Into Fly
Metal Mickey/LWT/1980-83 Youngster Builds Robot To Help Him Around The House
Mr. T. & Tina/ABC/1976 Genius Japanese Inventor
My Secret Identity/SYN/1988-91 Brilliant Inventor Befriends Superhero
The 100 Lives Of Black Jack Savage/NBC/1991 Former Pentagon Scientist/Inventor
Q.E.D./CBS/1982. Harvard Professor/Inventor/Sleuth
Probe/ABC/1988 Criminologist Inventor
Supergran/TTV/1985-87 Inventor Helps Magical Grandmother
We Got It Made/NBC/1983-84/SYN/1987-88 Aspiring Inventor
The Wizard/CBS/1986-87 Toy & Weapons Designer
You Can't Take It With You/SYN/1987-88 Toy Inventor

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