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Invisible & Imaginary Beings  See also - "Ghosts"
Program Description
Ally McBeal/FOX/1997-2002 Lawyer Sees Dancing Baby, (a.k.a. "Mr. Huggy")
Camp Wilder/ABC/1992-93 Young Boy With Invisible Friend Named Morty
Charlie Hoover/FOX/1991-92 Tiny Invisible Man Talks Only To Accountant
Dexter's Laboratory/CAR/1995-2003 Koosalagoopagoop (Koosie for short), the imaginary friend of Dee Dee, Dexter's annoying older sister.
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends/CAR/2004 Bloo relocates to a foster home for imaginary beings when Mac's mom tells him to grow up.
Full House/ABC/1987-95 Glen, The Invisible Friend Of Michelle Tanner
Gemini Man/NBC/1976 INTERSECT Agent Able To Turn Invisible
Growing Pains/ABC/1985-92 Invisible Childhood Friends Pirate Sam & Ike the Mouse
The Invisible Man/CBS/1958-60 Castle Hill Research Lab Scientist Turned Invisible
The Invisible Man/NBC/1975-76 KLAE Corporation Research Scientist Turned Invisible
The Invisible Man/BBC/1984 Research Scientist Turned Invisible
The Lucie Arnaz Show/CBS/1985 Radio Disk Jockey With Invisible Dog Named Tippy
Mork & Mindy/ABC/1978-82 Nutty Man with Invisible Dog (Brutus) & Helper (Pepe)
Nearly Departed/NBC/1989 Ghosts Haunt House & Appear Only To Elderly Owner
Scorch/CBS/1992 Wisecracking 1,300-Year-Old Dragon Befriends Actor
Silver Spoons/NBC/SYN/1982-88 Invisible Childhood Friend Called Clarence
Uncle Johnny Coons/CBS/NBC/1955-56 George The Dummy's Invisible Dog, Blackie
Unhappily Ever After/WB/1995-99. Stuffed Bunny Talks Only To Used Car Salesman

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