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Janitors & Custodians  See also  "Waste Disposal"

(Includes Hospital Orderlies)

Program Description
Baby Talk/ABC/1991-92 Building Janitor
The Bad News Bears/CBS/1979-80 Pool Cleaner
The Drew Carey Show/ABC/1995-2004 Janitor At DrugCo Pharmaceutical Company
Doogie Howser, M.D./ABC/1989-93 Black Hospital Orderly
Jackson & Jill/SYN/1949 Hard Of Hearing Janitor
The Jetsons/ABC/1962-63 Sky Pad Apartments Janitor
The John Larroquette Show/NBC/1993-97 Black Bus Terminal Janitor
Johnny Jupiter/DUM/ABC/SYN/1953-54 TV Station Janitor
Just The Ten Of Us/ABC/1988-90 Strange Ex-Con School Custodian
Nurses/NBC/1991-94 Hispanic Hospital Orderly
Oh, Madeline/ABC/1983-84 Custodians For Cinema Rents Prop Rental Business
SeaQuest DSV/NBC/1993-95 Genetically-Engineered Janitor
Scrubs/NBC/2001-2008 Hospital Janitor and Nemesis of Young Resident
Stephen King's Golden Years/CBS/1991 Government Janitor
13 East/NBC/1989-90 Hospital Orderly Aspires To Be Standup Comic
Steambath/SHO/1984-85 God Portrayed As Puerto Rican Wash Room Attendant
Trouble With Father (The Stud Erwin Show)/ABC/1950-55 High School Custodian
Welcome Back, Kotter/ABC/1975-79 "Sweathog" turned Hospital Orderly
Working Stiffs/CBS/1979 Janitors At The O'Rourke Building

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