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Journalism & Journalists See also - "Book Industry" & "Television Industry"

(Reporters, aspiring writers, proofreaders, publishers, editors, and copywriters)
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Program Description
Absolutely Fabulous/BBC/1992 Alcoholic, Dope-Dazed Fashion Magazine Editor
The Adventurers/SYN/1966-67 Globetrotting Reporters
The Adventures of Ellery Queen/DUM/ABC/1952/1958-59 Mystery Writer
The Adventures of Ellery Queen/NBC/1975-76 Mystery Writer
The Adventures of Hiram Holiday/NBC/1956-57 Newspaper Proofreader
The Adventures of Superman/SYN/1951-57 Newspaper Reporters For The Daily Planet
The Adventures Of The Seaspray/SYN/1967-68 Freelance Writer
Agony/LWT/1979-81 British Advice "Agony" Columnist For Person Magazine
Agony Again/BBC/1995 British Advice "Agony" Columnist For Person Magazine
All's Fair/CBS/1976-77 Political Columnist
The Amazing Spiderman/CBS/1978-79 Daily Bugle Newspaper Editor & Reporters
American Dreamer/NBC/1990-91 Chicago American (Metro) Newspaper Columnist
The American Girls/CBS/1978 TV Newsmagazine Reporters
The Andros Targets/CBS/1977 Newspaper Reporters
Andy Richter Controls The Universe/FOX/2002-2003 Technical Manual Writer
Angie/ABC/1979-80 Falco News-stand Operator
Anything But Love/ABC/1989-92 Chicago Monthly Magazine Writers
Apartment 3-C/CBS/1949 Mystery Writer
Are You Afraid Of The Dark?/NIK/1992-2000 Young Writers & Storytellers Share Tales
Ask Harriet/FOX/1998 Advice-To-The-Lovelorn Columnist
Assignment Foreign Legion/BBC/1956-57/CBS/1957-58 Foreign Correspondent
Austin Stories/MTV/1997-98 Sardonic Newspaper Reporter
Ball Four/CBS/1976 Baseball Sportswriter
Barney Blake, Police Reporter/NBC/1948 Police Reporter
Behind The Screen/CBS/1981-82 Soap Opera Scriptwriter
Beverly Hills, 90210/FOX/1990-2000 High School Newspaper Editor & Reporters
The Big Story/NBC/1949-57 Journalism Anthology
The Big Town/CBS/DUM/NBC/1950-56 Newspaper Editor & Reporters
Blue Skies/ABC/1994 Catalog Copywriter
Bones/FOX/2005+ Forensic Anthropologist/part-time novelist (aka "Bones")
Boomtown/NBC/2002-2003 Beat Reporters, D.A.& City Officials, Cops, and Paramedics
The Bonnie Hunt Show/CBS/1995-96 TV Station Reporter
Bosom Buddies/ABC/1980-84 Ad Copywriter/Novelist
The Boys/SHO/1989 1950s Blacklisted Writer
The Boys/CBS/1993 Horror Novelist
Bram & Alice/CBS/2002-2003 Aspiring Writer Learns Her Father is a Famous Novelist
Brett/BBC/1971 Writer Turned Tycoon
Bridges To Cross/CBS/1986 Newsmagazine Reporters
Bridget Loves Bernie/CBS/1972-73 Aspiring Novelist
Buccaneer/BBC/1980 Journalist Wife Of Pilot
The Building/CBS/1993 Unemployed Newspaper Columnist
By-Line: Steve Wilson/NBC/1955-58 Crusading Newspaper Editor
Byline (a.k.a. "Newsgal")/ABC/1951 Newspaper Reporter
The Californians/NBC/1957-59 Crusading Newspaper Editor Of The California Star
Capital News/ABC/1990 Newspaper Editor & Staff
Casanova/BBC/1971 Italian Poet, Writer & Lover
Central Park West/CBS/1996 Magazine Editor & Treacherous Columnist
Charles In Charge/CBS/1984-85 New Jersey Register Newspaper Theatre Critic
Charmed/WB/1998-2006 Witch Sister Gets Hired as a Newspaper Advice-Columnist
The Charmings/ABC/1987-88 Children's Book Author

The Chronicle/SCI/2001-02
Staff of the Supermarket Tabloid The World Chronicle
The Closer/CBS/1999 Ad Agency Copywriter
The Colby's/ABC/1985-87 Architectural Writer
Colin's Sandwich/BBC/1988 Aspiring Writer/Railway Worker
Compact/BBC/1962-65 Editors & Staff of Compact Magazine
Courthouse/CBS/1995 Court Reporters
The Courtship Of Eddie's Father/ABC/1969-72 Editor of Tomorrow Magazine
Crumbs/ABC/2006 Gay Writer/Screenwriter
The Crusader/CBS/1955-56 Freelance Writer
The Cuckoo Waltz/GRA/1975-77 & 1980 British Journalist
Cybill/CBS/1995-98 Writer

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