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Jungle Dwellers  See also "Animal Handlers & Trainers"
Program Description
The Adventures Of A Jungle Boy/SYN/1958 Plane Crash Victim Survives In Jungle

Born Free/NBC/1974

Wildlife Game Warden

Bwana Michael Of Africa/SYN/1966

Wildlife Explorer

Captain Safari Of The Jungle Patrol/CBS/1955

Wildlife Explorer

Cowboy In Africa/ABC/1967-68

Wild Animal Game Rancher

Jungle Veterinarian

George of the Jungle/ABC/1967-70 Klutzy Tarzan Type  
Jan Of The Jungle/NBC/1979-80

Girl Raised In Rain Forest Looks For Her Father

Jungle Jim/SYN/1955

Jungle Guide & Hunter

Safari To Adventure/SYN/1971

Animal Documentary
Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle/SYN/1955-56

White Orphan Girl Raised In Jungle


White Orphan Girl Raised in Jungle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's: The Lost World/SYN/1999-2002 Explorers Trapped On an Mysterious Prehistoric Plateau in the Amazon filled with Jungles, Dinosaurs

Ramar Of The Jungle/SYN/1952-54

Jungle Doctor/Scientist

Orphan Raised In Jungle By Apes


Orphan Raised In Jungle By Apes

Tarzan: The Epic Adventures/SYN/1996-97

Orphan Raised in Jungle By Apes

White Hunter/SYN/1958

Big Game Hunter

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