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Law & Lawyers (Attorneys, Judges, Court Reports & Reenactments of Trial Cases)

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Program Description
Acapulco/NBC/1961 Retired Criminal Lawyer
Accused/ABC/1958-59 Filmed Case Reenactments
Adam's Rib/ABC/1973 Assistant District Attorney & Lawyer Wife
The Addams Family/ABC/1964-66 Eccentric Millionaire Attorney
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr./FOX/1993-94 Lawyer Turned Frontier Bounty Hunter
Against The Law/FOX/1990-91 Unconventional Lawyer
Ally McBeal/FOX/1997-2002 Cage/Fish & Associates Female Attorney
Almost Perfect/CBS/1995-96 Prosecutor in DA's Major Crimes Unit
The Amazing Mr. Malone/ABC/1951-52 Criminal Lawyer
Amazing Grace/NBC/1995 Lawyer
Amen/NBC/1986-91 Lawyer/Church Deacon
The Andy Griffith Show/CBS/1960-68 Justice of the Peace
The Antagonists/CBS/1991 Prosecuting & Defense Attorney
Arrest & Trial/ABC/1963-64 Defense Lawyer
Arsenio/ABC/1997 Female Attorney
The Associates/ABC/1979-80 Wall Street Corporate Lawyers at Bass & Marshall Firm
The Associates/CTV/2001-2002 Legal Firm of Young, Barnsworth & King
Bachelor Father/CBS/NBC/ABC/1957-62 Hollywood Lawyer
Barefoot In The Park/ABC/1970-71 Kendricks, Keene & Kline Corporate Lawyer
Barnaby Jones/CBS/1973-80 Law Student
Baywatch/NBC/1989-90 Lawyer/Lifeguard
Beacon Hill/CBS/1975 1920s Lawyer
Beauty And The Beast/CBS/1987-90 Assistant District Attorney
Ben Jerrod/NBC/1963 Retired Judge & Lawyer
Beulah/ABC/1950-53 Lawyer
Big Wave Dave's/CBS/1993 Neurotic Attorney
The Black Robe/NBC/1949-50 Actual Night Court Cases
Black Saddle/NBC/ABC/1959-60 Circuit Rider Lawyer
Black Silk/BBC/1985 Black British Barrister
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice/ABC/1973 Lawyer
The Bold Ones/NBC/1969-73 District Attorney & Lawyers
Boomtown/NBC/2002-2003 D.A.& City Officials, Cops, Paramedics, and Beat Reporters
Boston Legal/ABC/2004+ Ethically-challenged attorney Alan Shore and his associates at the legal firm of Crane, Poole and Schmidt in the city of Boston, Massachusetts
Brand New Life/NBC/1989-90 Wealthy Lawyer & Aspiring Court Stenographer
Brothers In Law/BBC/1962 Novice British Barrister
Boyd Q.C./A-R/1956-65 British Barrister
Champs/ABC/1996 Law Student/Wife
Chicago Hope/CBS/1994-2000 Hospital Legal Counsel
Chicago Story/NBC/1982 Assistant District Attorney & Public Defender Lawyers
Christabel/BBC/1988 Anti-Nazi German Lawyer
Christine Cromwell (ABC Mystery Movie)/1989-90. Lawyer/Financial Advisor
Civil Wars/ABC/1991-93 Divorce (Domestic Relations)  Lawyers
The Client/CBS/1995 Family Law Attorney
Close to Home/CBS/2005+ Female Lawyer with Perfect Conviction Rate Against Horrible Domestic Crime Perpetrators
Common Law/ABC/1996 Harvard-Educated Hispanic Lawyer
Confessions of Crime/LIF/1991 Graphic Case Reenactments
Conviction/NBC/2006 Group of Young Assistant District Attorneys
The Cosby Show/NBC/1984-92 Greentree, Bradley & Dexter Legal Aid Lawyer
Court Martial/ABC/1966 World War II Army Judge Advocate General Lawyers
The Court/ABC/2002 New Female Supreme Court Justice
Court TV: Inside America's Courts/SYN/1993 Front Row Seats at Trials
Courthouse/CBS/1995 Judges, Public Defenders, Clerks, Bailiffs, Court Reporters
Courtroom U.S.A./SYN/1960 Dramatized Actual Court Cases
The Court of Last Resorts/NBC/ABC/1959-60 Experts Discuss Crime Case Histories
Crawford Mystery Theatre/DUM/1951 Prosecuting Attorney
Crime and Punishment/SYN/1961 Interviews With Inmates
Crime Does Not Pay/SYN/1960 Files Of State Police
Crime Syndicated/CBS/1951-53 Actual Case Files
Crimes of Passion/ATV/1970-73 French Courtroom Reenactments
Crossroads/ABC/1992-93 Prosecutor Goes On Motorcycle Trip With Teenage Son
Crown Court/GRA/1972-84 Fulchester Crown Court Cases
Crown Prosecutor/BBC/1995 Barristers For The Crown Prosecution Office
The D.A./NBC/1971-72 Deputy District Attorney
Dark Justice (Crime Time After Prime Time)/CBS/1991-94 Vigilante Judge
Day In Court/ABC/1958-65 Case Reenactments
The Defenders/CBS/1961-65 Father & Son Trial Lawyers
Dharma & Greg/ABC/1997-2002 Preppy Justice Department Attorney
Divorce Court/SYN/1957-69 & 1986-91 Divorce Case Reenactments
Divorce Hearing/SYN/1958 Divorce Case Reenactments
Dundee & The Culhane/CBS/1967 Frontier Lawyer
Daddio/NBC/2000 Female Lawyer Returns to Work & Husband Stays Home

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