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Maritime Professions  See also  "Military" for Navy/Marine occupations
Program Description
Adventures In Paradise/ABC/1959-62 Schooner Captain
Adventures Of Captain Hartz/SYN/1954 Sea Captain Kiddie Show Host
The Adventures of Sir Francis Drake/ATV/NBC/1962 English Navigator
The Adventures Of The Sea Hawk/SYN/1958-59 Crew of Research Schooner
The Adventures Of The Seaspray/SYN/1967-68 Schooner Captain
The Adventures Of Tugboat Annie/SYN/1957-58 Captain of the Tugboat Narcissus
The Aquanauts/CBS/1960-61 Salvage Divers
Assignment: Underwater/SYN/1960-61 Professional Divers
The Bailey's Of Balboa/CBS/1964-65 Charter Boat Captain
Barrier Reef/SYN/1971-72 Marine Biologists
Baywatch/NBC/1989-90/SYN/1991-2001 Lifeguard Patrol
Bold Venture/SYN/1959 Bold Venture Charter Boat Captain
The Boys Of The Western Star/ABC/1955-59 Fishermen Struggle To Feed His Family
Camp Wilder/ABC/1992-93 Sea Land Worker
Captain David Grief/SYN/1956-57 Captain Of  The Trading Schooner The Rattler
City Beneath The Sea/ABP/1962 Voyage of Atomic Submarine to Underwater City
Crane/A-R/1963-65 Smuggler's Boat Transports Illicit Cargoes
Crunch & Des/SYN/1955-56 Poseidon Charter Boat Owners
Diver Dan/SYN/1961 Deep Sea Diver
Dolphin Cove/CBS/1989 Dolphin Researcher
Down Home/NBC/1990-91 The Sea Tramp Shrimp Boat Operator
Empty Nest/NBC/1988-95 Ocean Queen Cruise Ship Crew Member
Ennal's Point/BBC/1982 Members of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution
A Family For Joe/NBC/1990 Homeless Former Merchant Marine
Flipper/NBC/1964-68 Coral Key Park Game Warden
The Gale Storm Show(Oh! Susanna)/CBS/ABC/1956-60 SS Ocean Queen Social Director.
Gavilan/NBC/1982-83 Oceanographer
Gilligan's Island/CBS/1964-67 Castaway Survivors of the Charterboat SS Minnow
Glencannon/SYN/1958-59 The Inchcliffe Castle Freighter Skipper
Grapevine/CBS/1992 Cruise Line Executive
Harbourmaster/CBS/ABC/1957-58 Harbor Master/Policeman
Howard's Way/BBC/1985-90 Wealthy British Boat Industry Businessman
It's A Man's World/NBC/1962-63 Ex-River Barge Pilot Working At Stott's Landing
Kavanaugh QC/CEN/1995 Barrister
Key West/FOX/1993 Dolphin Researcher
The Love Boat/ABC/1977-86 Cruise Ship Crew
The Love Boat: The Next Wave/UPN/1998-99 Cruise Ship Crew
The Mackenzies Of Paradise Cove/ABC/1979 The Viking Fishing Boat Operator
Malibu Run/CBS/1961 Diving Instructors
Man From Atlantis/NBC/1977-78 Oceanographers For Oceanic Research Foundation
McClain's Law/NBC/1981-82 Fisherman Turned Cop
The Mississippi/CBS/1983-84 Tug Boat Captain
My Three Sons/ABC/CBS/1960-72 Retired Merchant Marine Turned Housekeeper
Nautilus/BBC/1995 History Of The Submarine
Ocean Girl/DIS/1994-95 Telepathic Island Girl  Communicates With Whales
The Onedin Line/BBC/1971-80 British Cargo Ship Captain of The Charlotte Rhodes
Operation Neptune/NBC/1953 Submarine Captain/Oceanographer
Orleans/CBS/1997 Riverboat Casino Manager
Para Handy-Master Mariner/BBC/1959-60 Skipper of Cargo Boat The Vital Spark
Primus/SYN/1971 Ex-Navy Frogman Turned Oceanographer/Troubleshooter
The Queen & I/CBS/1969 Cruise Ship Purser & Crew
The Return Of Captain Nemo/CBS/1978 Captain of The Nautilus Submarine
Riptide/SYN/1965 Charter Boat Captain
Riptide/NBC/1984-86 Detectives Based On A Cabin Cruiser
Riverboat/NBC/1959-61 Enterprise Riverboat Captain/Pilot
The Road Home/CBS/1994 Shrimp Boat Fisherman
Sailor Of Fortune/ATV/1955-56 Freighter Captain
Sea Hunt/SYN/1957-61/1987-88 Freelance Underwater Diver/Troubleshooter
Sealab 2020/ABC/1972 Sealab Complex on the Ocean's Floor
Sealab 2021/SYN/2000 Sealab Complex on the Ocean's Floor
Seaquest DSV(Seaquest 2032)/NBC/1993-95 Research Submarine Crew
Seatek/LRN/1996 Underwater Exploration
Secret Beneath The Sea/ABP/1963 Atomic Submarine Voyages to Underwater City
Secrets Of The Deep/SYN/1974 Maritime Documentary
Stingray/ATV/ITC/1964-65 Crew of the Super-submarine Stingray
Surface/NBC/2005+ Oceanographer and Fisherman Investigate Appearance of Huge Sea Creatures
Thunder In Paradise/SYN/1994-95 Ex-Navy Seal With Super-Powered Speedboat
Triangle/BBC/1981-83 The Triangle Line, A European Ferry Company
The Underworld Sea of Jacques Cousteau/SYN/1967-76 Oceanography Documentary
The Vital Spark/BBC/1966-67 Crew of the Cargo Boat The Vital Spark
The Voyage Of The Mimi/PBS/1984 Youngsters Explore the Sea Aboard The Mimi
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea/ABC/1964-68 Crew of The Seaview Submarine
The Walrus & The Carpenter/BBC/1965 Septuagenarian Ex-Seaman Lives It Up
Walter & Emily/NBC/1991-92 Harbor Princess Harbor Ferry Tour Guide (part-time)
Waterfront/SYN/1954-56 Captain of the Cheryl Ann Tug Boat
The Westwind/NBC/1975-76 Underwater Photographer

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