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Medicine See also  "Chemicals", "Death", "Dentistry", "Orderlies", and "Paramedics"

(Includes Physicians, Nurses, and General Hospital Staff)
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Program Description
The Adventures of Fu Manchu/SYN/1955-56 Evil Asian Physician
Advice/SYN/1965 Physician Advisor
Alright Already/WB/1997-98 Optometrist
All-American Girl/ABC/1994-95 Aspiring Cardiologist  
All Souls/UPN/2001 Doctor Encounters Supernatural at All Souls Hospital
Almost Grown/CBS/1988-89 Plastic Surgeon
Amazing Grace/NBC/1995 Emergency Room Nurse Turned Minister/Chaplain
Angels/BBC/1975-83 British Student Nurses At St. Angela's Hospital
Angie/ABC/1979-80 Pediatrician
Anywhere, USA/ABC/1952 Documentary on Health & Nutrition
Babylon 5/SYN/1994-98 Space Station Physician
Becker/CBS/1998-2004 Grumpy Private Practice Physician
Ben Casey/ABC/1961-66 County General Hospital Neurosurgeon
The Bob Crane Show/NBC/1975 Medical School Interns
The Bob Newhart Show/CBS/1972-78 Psychologist & Children's Orthodontist
Body & Soul/PAX/2002 Alternative Medicine Physicians at Century Hospital
Bordertown/FAM/1989-91 Frontier Doctor
The Bradys/CBS/1990 Obstetrician
The Brian Keith Show/NBC/1972-74 Jamison Clinic Pediatricians & Office Nurse
Buck James/ABC/1987-88 Holloman Trauma Center Emergency Room Physician
Call Oxbridge 2000/ATV/1961-62 British Private Practice Physicians
Camp Wilder/ABC/1992-93 Divorced Nurse
The Campbells/CTV/FAM/1985-89 Scottish Doctor Moves to Canadian Wilderness
Cardiac Arrest/BBC/1994-96 British Junior Hospital Doctors Working In The NHS
The Cases Of Eddie Drake/DUM/1952 Criminal Psychologist
Casualty/BBC/1986+ Night Shift At A Big City Hospital Casualty Department
Champs/ABC/1996 Twice-Divorced Doctor
Chicago Hope/CBS/1994-2000 Chicago Hope Hospital Surgeons & Staff
Chicago Story/NBC/1982 Trauma Unit Surgeons
China Beach/ABC/1988-91 Vietnam War Army Triage Nurses
The Citadel/BBC/1983 Crusading British Physician
City Hospital/CBS/1952-53 Hospital Physicians
Coming Of Age/CBS/1988-89 Retired Chiropractor
The Cosby Show/NBC/1984-92 Obstetrician
Cutter To Houston/CBS/1983 Rural Clinic Physicians
Daddy's Girls/CBS/1994 Ophthalmologist
Dangerfield/BBC/1995 General Practitioner Works As Police Forensic Surgeon
Dave's World/CBS/1993-97 Plastic Surgeon
Diagnosis: Murder/CBS/1992-2001 Community General Hospital Physician & Staff
Doc/CBS/1975-76 General Practice Physician  
Doc/PAX/2001-2004 Montana Physician Moves to Westbury Clinic in New York City
Doc Elliot/ABC/1974 Rural Physician
The Doctor/NBC/1952-53 Anthology About Physicians
Doctor Christian/SYN/1956. Small Town Physician
Doctor, Doctor/CBS/1989-91 General Practice Physicians & Cardiologist
Doctor Finlay/STV/1993-94 Village General Practitioner
Doctor Finlay's Casebook/BBC/1962-71 Village General Practitioner
Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal/SYN/1955-57 Neurosurgeon
Doctor At Large/LWT/1971 Doctors & Interns  At St. Swithins Teaching Hospital
Doctor At Sea/LWT/1974 Doctor On Board A Cruise Ship
Doctor Down Under/LWT/1981 Australian Doctor
Doctor In Charge/LWT/1972-73 St. Swithins Teaching Hospital, Doctors & Interns
Doctor In The House/LWT/1969-70 St. Swithins Teaching Hospital, Doctors & Interns
Dr. Kildare/NBC/1961-66 Blair General Hospital Medical Intern
Doctor On The Go/LWT/1975-77 British Doctor
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman/CBS/1993-98 Female Frontier Physician
Doctor Simon Locke/SYN/1971-73 General Practice Physician
Doctor Spock/NBC/1955 Medical Advice Program
The Doctors/BBC/1969-71 Britain's National Health Group General Practitioners
The Doctors & The Nurses/CBS/1964-65 Hospital Physicians/Nurses
Doctors Hospital/NBC/1975-76 Neurosurgeon and Residents
Doctor's Private Lives/ABC/1979 Cardiologists
The Donna Reed Show/ABC/1958-66 Pediatrician
Don't Wait Up/BBC/1983-90 Lives Of British Father And Son Doctors
Doogie Howser, M.D./ABC/1989-93 Genius 16-Year Old Resident Physician
The Drew Carey Show/ABC/1995-04 Parcel Delivery Man Turned Nurses Aide

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