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(Includes all Armed Forces  past, present & future)
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Program Description
The A-Team/NBC/1983-87 AWOL Army Mercenaries Falsely Accused
Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin/ABC/1954-59 Frontier Cavalry Division
The Adventures Of Sir Francis Drake/NBC/1962 British Naval Navigator
AFP: American Fighter Pilot/CBS/2002 F-15 Air Force Fighter Pilots in Training
The Air Force Story/SYN/1950s Air Force Anthology
The Airbase/BBC/1965 WWII American Air Force Pilots In Rural England  
All Along The Watchtower/BBC/1999 RAF Efficiency Expert To Shut Air Down Base
'Allo, 'Allo/BBC/1984-92 World War II Nazi Officers
The Americans/NBC/1961 Union and Confederate Soldiers
The Army Game/ITV/1957-61 Soldiers Based At Hut 29, Surplus Ordnance Depot
The Army Show/WB/1998 Computer Hacker Forced To Join Armed Services
Army Wives/LIF/2007+ Lives of Women Living Near Fort Marshall, Charleston, NC
Assignment Foreign Legion/CBS/1957-59 French Foreign Legionnaires
At Ease/ABC/1983 Army Sergeant & Soldier Buddies
Baa Baa Black Sheep/NBC/1976-78 World War II Marine Pilots
Baby, I'm Back!/CBS/1978 Pentagon Army Colonel  
Band Of Brothers/HBO/2001 E Company, 506th Regiment, & 101st Airborne In WWII
Battle Line/SYN/1963 Military Anthology 
Battle Of The Planets/SYN/1978 G-Force Squad Defends Earth's Galaxy From Zoltar
Beau Geste/BBC/1982 British Gentlemen Join The French Foreign Legion
Between the Wars/SYN/1978 Military Anthology 1918-1941
The Big Battles/SYN/1974 World War Anthology
Blackadder Goes Forth/BBC/1989 Captain Blackadder In Trenches of World War I
Blood and Honor/SYN/1982 Hitler Youth Anthology
The Blue Angels/SYN/1960 US Navy Four-Man Precision Flying Team
Boots & Saddles/SYN/1957-58 5th Army Frontier Cavalry
Branded/NBC/1965-66 Cavalry Captain Unjustly Accused Of Cowardice
Broadside/ABC/1964-65 World War II Navy Waves
Buck Rogers In The 25th Century/ABC/1950-51/NBC/1979-81 Air Force Astronaut
China Beach/ABC/1988-91 Vietnam War Army Nurses
The Civil War/PBS/1990 American Civil War Documentary  
Citizen Soldier/SYN/1958 World War II Military Anthology
Clear Horizon/CBS/1960 Air Force Astronauts
Coast Guard/SYN/1995 Profiles of Coast Guard Personnel
Colditz/BBC/1972-74 WWII POWs Held In German Castle
Combat/ABC/1962-67 World War II 2nd Army Platoon
Combat Sergeant/ABC/1956 World War II North Africa Based Army Sergeant
The Commanders/SYN/1974 Wartime Decision Makers
Conan And The Young Warriors/CBS/1994 Mercenary Trains Three Young Warriors
Convoy/NBC/1965 World War II Navy Commander
C.P.O. Sharkey/NBC/1976-78 Navy Chief Petty Officer
Court Martial/ABC/1966 World War II Army Judge Advocate General Lawyers
Crusade In The Pacific/SYN/1951 World War II Military Anthology
Dad's Army/BBC/1968-77 Exploits Of The British Home Guard During WWII
Danger UXB/THA/1979 WWII Unexploded Bomb Disposal Unit (a.k.a. "Sappers")
Davis Rules/ABC/CBS/1991-92 Retired Marine
Ding Howe And The Flying Tigers/SYN/1950 Air Force Flying Tigers Fighter Pilots
The Dirty Dozen: The Series/FOX/1988 Prisoners Turn World War II Soldiers
The District Nurse/BBC/1984 & 1987 1920s Village District Nurse
Don't Call Me Charlie/NBC/1962-63 Army Veterinarian
The Duchess of Duke Street/BBC/1976-77. Retired British Major
The Eagle Of The Ninth/BBC/1977 The Hispana Ninth Roman Legion, A.D. 117
E-Ring/NBC/2005-2006 US Army Major Works for Colonel in the Special Ops Division of The Pentagon
Eisenhower: The War Years/ABC/1979 WWII Exploits of General Eisenhower
Emerald Point, N.A.S/CBS/1983-84 Navy Rear Admiral
Ensign O'Toole/NBC/ABC/1962-64 Navy Ensign
Epic Battles/BBC/1958 Tactical Analysis of Famous Battles
F Troop/ABC/1965-67 Frontier Cavalry Captain & Soldiers of Fort Courage
A Family For Joe/NBC/1990 Former Merchant Marine
Far Pavilions/HBO/1984 Indian-Born-and-Bred British Officer
The First Churchills/BBC/1969 General John Churchill , Ancestor of Winston Churchill
Flight/SYN/1958 Air Force Anthology
Foot Soldier/A&E/1998 History of Warfare Documentary
For Love & Honor/NBC/1983. Army Paratroopers
From Here To Eternity/NBC/1979-80 Military Life At Pearl Harbor
Frontier/THA/1968 British Battalion In Action In Northern India
Further Adventures Of The Musketeers/BBC/1967 French Army Musketeers
The Gallant Men/ABC/1962-63 World War II 36th Army Infantry
Garrison's Gorillas/ABC/1967-68 Army Convicts Enlisted To Fight Nazis
Get Some In!/THA/1975-78 1950s British NAF Recruits
G.I. Joe: A Great American Hero/SYN/1985/1990-92 Special Forces Soldiers
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C./CBS/1964-70 Marine Private And Sergeant
Goodtime Girls/ABC/1980 World War II USO Hostesses
The Gray Ghost/SYN/1957 Confederate Army Raider
The Great War/SYN/1964 World War I Military Anthology
Gunslinger/CBS/1961 Frontier Cavalry Undercover Agent

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