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Police & Law Enforcement Agents  See also - "Espionage" and "Security"

(City, State, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Parole Officers,
Frontier Sheriffs and Futuristic Space Authorities) 
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Program Description
Adam 12/NBC/1968-75/SYN/1989-90 Uniformed Police Patrol Car Officers
Adventures at Scott Island/ABC/1958 Harbor Police
The Adventures Of Don Quick/LWT/1970 Intergalactic Maintenance Squad
The Adventures of Fu Manchu/SYN/1955-56 Scotland Yard Detective
The Adventures of Robin Hood/CBS/1955-58 Sheriff Of Nottingham
The Adventures Of Superman/SYN/1952-57 Plainclothes Detective (Inspector)
African Patrol/SYN/1958-59 Uniformed African Police Inspector
The Agency/CBS/2001-2003 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Operatives
Alias/ABC/2001-2006 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) SD-6 Operatives
Alien Nation/FOX/1989-91 Space Alien & Human Plainclothes Detectives
American Detective/ABC/1991-93 Documentary Followed Big City Detectives
American Gothic/CBS/1995-96 Demonic Rural Sheriff
Amazing Grace/NBC/1995 Plainclothes Detective
America's Most Wanted/FOX/1988-96 Weekly Nationwide Criminal Manhunt
America's Most Wanted: Final Justice/SYN/1995-96 Profiles of Caught Criminals
Amy Prentiss/NBC/1974-75 Plainclothes Detectives
The Andy Griffith Show/CBS/1960-68 Rural Town Sheriff & Deputy
Angel Street/CBS/1992 Female Plainclothes Detectives From Violent Crimes Unit
Arrest & Trial/ABC/19963-64 Plainclothes Detectives
Arresting Behavior/ABC/1992 Uniformed Police Officers
The Asphalt Jungle/ABC/1961 Undercover Detective
Automan/ABC/1983-84 Police Computer Expert
Backup/BBC/1996 London's Police Operational Support Unit Team
Bakersfield P.D./FOX/1993-94 Offbeat Plainclothes Detectives
Baretta/ABC/1975-78 Undercover Detective
Barlow/BBC/1974-75 British Detective Chief Superintendent
Barlow At Large/BBC/1971 & 73 British Detective Chief Superintendent
Barney Miller/ABC/1975-82 Plainclothes Detectives
Bat Masterson/NBC/1958-61 Frontier Lawman
Battery Park/NBC/2000 Plainclothes Detectives
Baywatch/NBC/1989-90/SYN/1991-2001 County Beach Patrol
Bergerac/BBC/1981-91 British Plainclothes Detective
Bert D'Angelo/Superstar/ABC/1976 Plainclothes Detectives
Best Of The West/ABC/1981-82 Frontier Town Sheriff
Between The Lines/BBC/1992-94 London's Complaints Investigations Bureau Detective  
Big Apple/CBS/2001 Cynical Plainclothes Cop & Partner Team Up With FBI Agents
The Big Easy/USA/1996-97 Plainclothes Detectives
Biggles/GRA/1960 British Inspector Of The Air Police
The Bill/THA/1984+ Policemen At Sun Hill Station In London's East End
B.L.Stryker ABC Mystery Movie/ABC/1989-90 Ex-Cop Turned Private Detective
Black Sash/WB/2003 Framed Ex-Cop Turned Martial Arts Teacher / Bounty Hunter
The Blue Knight/CBS/1975-76 Uniformed Police Officer
Blue Thunder/ABC/1984 Police Helicopter Pilots
Bodies of Evidence/CBS/1992-93 Metropolitan Police Force Homicide Squad
The Bold Ones/NBC/1969-70 Plainclothes Detectives
Bones/FOX/2005+ FBI Agent teams with Forensic Anthropologist (aka "Bones")
Boomtown/NBC/2002-2003 Cops, Paramedics, Beat Reporters, D.A.& City Officials
Bonanza/NBC/1959-73 Frontier Town Marshal
Bordertown/FAM/1989-91 Frontier Marshal and Canadian Mountie
The Boys of Twilight/CBS/1992 Rural Sheriff & Deputy
Brenner/CBS/1959-64 Plainclothes Detective & Rookie Patrolman
Broken Badges/CBS/1990-91 Dysfunctional Undercover Detectives
Bronk/CBS/1975-76 Plainclothes Detective
Brooklyn South/CBS/1997-98 Precinct Uniformed Police Officers
Bulman/GRA/1985 & 87 Retired British Chief Inspector Turned Private Investigator
Burke's Law/ABC/1963-66/ Millionaire Police Chief of Detectives
Burke's Law/CBS/1994-95 Millionaire Police Chief of Detectives
C-16/ABC/1997-98 High Level FBI Investigative Unit
CSI:. Crime Scene Investigation/CBS/2000+ Elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in Las Vegas
CSI: Miami/CBS/2002+ Elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in Miami, Florida
C.S.I.: NY/CBS/2004+ Elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in New York City
Cade's County/CBS/1971-72 Rural County Sheriff
Cagney & Lacey/CBS/1982-88 Plainclothes Detectives
The Californians/NBC/1957-59 Frontier Town Marshal  
Campus Cops/USA/1995 College Campus Security
Captain Nice/NBC/1967 Police Chemist/Superhero
Captured/NBC/1953 Police/FBI Anthology
Car 54, Where are You?/NBC/1961-63 Uniformed Police Officers
Caribe/ABC/1975 Undercover Detectives
Carter Country/ABC/1977-79 Rural Town Sheriff & Deputies
C.A.T.S. Eyes/TVS/1985-87 Covert Activities, Thames Section Policewoman
Chase/NBC/1973-74 Undercover Detectives
Chicagoland Mystery Players/DUM/1949-50 Police Criminologist
Chicago Story/NBC/1982 Uniformed and Plainclothes Officers
The Chief/ANG/1990-95 British Chief Constable In Eastland Constabulary
The Chinese Detective/BBC/1981-82 Chinese British Police Detective Sergeant
Chips/NBC/1977-83 State Highway Patrol Motorcycle Officers
Chopper One/ABC/1974 Police Helicopter Pilots
Cimarron City/NBC/1958-60 Frontier Town Sheriff
Cimarron Strip/CBS/1967-71 Frontier US Marshal
City Detectives/SYN/1953-55 Plainclothes Detectives
Closing Ranks/CEN/1988 London Policeman Transferred to Country Police Station
Code 3/SYN/1956-57 Actual Case Histories
Code 3/FOX/1992-93 Videos of  Paramedics, Firefighters,  Cops on Duty
Colonel March Of Scotland Yard/SYN/1953-55 Division D-3 Scotland Yard Detective
Columbo/NBC/1971-77/ABC/1989-1993 Plainclothes Detective
The Commish/ABC/1991-95 Suburban Police Commissioner
C.O.P.S./SYN/1988 Empire City's Central Organization of Police Specialists
The Cop & The Kid/NBC/1975-76 Uniformed Police Officer
Cop Rock/ABC/1990 Singing Uniformed And Plainclothes Officers
Cop Talk: Behind the Shield/SYN/1989-90 Crime Oriented Talk Show
Cops/FOX/1989+ Real Police Filmed On Duty  
The Cops (a.k.a. Stanton Blues)/BBC/1998-2000 Gritty Documentary-Style British Police  Drama
Corky & the White Shadow/ABC/1956 Rural Sheriff
The Cosby Mysteries/NBC/1994-95 Retired Police Forensics Expert
Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family/USA/2000 FBI Agent
Cowboy G-Men/SYN/1952 Frontier Federal Undercover Agent
Cracker/GRA/1993-95 Offbeat Police Psychologist
Cracker (Fitz)/ABC/1997 Offbeat Police Psychologist
Cribb/GRA/1980-81 Victorian Era Scotland Yard Detective Sergeant
Crime Sheet/A-R/1959 British Police Criminal Investigator
Crime Stoppers 800/SYN/1989-90 Most Wanted International Criminals
Crime Story/NBC/1986-88 Plainclothes Detectives From Major Crime Unit
Crime Syndicated/CBS/1951-53 Cases Based On Senate/Federal Investigations
Crime Stoppers 800/SYN/1989-91 Most Wanted Criminals Profiled  
Crime Traveller/BBC/1997 Police Detective Travels Back in Time To Solve Crimes
Crimewatch Tonight/SYN/1989-90 Daily Reports on Crime
Crime and Punishment/SYN/1961 Interviews With Convicted Criminals
Crime and Punishment/NBC/1993 Plainclothes Detectives & Interrogator
Crime With Father/ABC/1951-52 Father and Daughter Plainclothes Detectives
Criminal Minds/CBS/2005+ FBI Behavioral Science Unit Stop Serial Criminals
Cyber C.O.P.S./CBS/1993 Agents of The Central Organization of Police Specialists

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