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Sales & Salespersons

(Includes personnel who "sell" a product including automobiles, clothing,
 cosmetics, furniture, insurance, etc.)

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Program Description
Against The Grain/NBC/1993-94 Auto & Insurance Salesmen
Ain't Misbehavin'/BBC/1994-95 Office Supply Business Salesman
The Al Pearce Show/CBS/1952 Bumbling Door-to-Door Salesman
All-American Girl/ABC/1994-95 Department Store Cosmetics Saleswoman
Are You Being Served?/BBC/1972-85 Department Store Clothing Salespersons
Are You Being Served?/AUS/1980 Department Store Clothing Salespersons
The Baxters/SYN/1979-81 Insurance Salesman
The Beachcomber/SYN/1961-62 Merchandising Executive
The Bickersons/SYN/1951 Household Appliances Vacuum Cleaner Salesman
The Bob Newhart Show/CBS/1972-78 Logger's Casualty Life Insurance Salesman
The Bradys/CBS/1990 Toy Salesman
Busting Loose/CBS/1977 Mr. Cabell's Wear Well Shoe Store Salesman
Café Americain/NBC/1993-94 Mineral Water Salesman
The Charmings/ABC/1987-88 Carpet Salesman (a.k.a. "The Carpet King")
Chicken Soup/ABC/1989 Pajama Salesman
Condo/ABC/1983 .Insurance Salesman
Daddio/NBC/2000 Paper Goods Salesman Turns Stay-At-Home Father
Daddy Dearest/FOX/1993. Used-Car Salesman
Date With Angels/ABC/1957-58 Insurance Salesman
December Bride/CBS/1954-59 Insurance Salesman
Do Over/WB/2002 34-Year-old Paper Salesman Jettisoned 20 Years into Past
Down The Shore/FOX/1992-93 Clingware Fabrics Clothing Salesman
The Drew Carey Show/ABC/1995-2004 Department Store Cosmetics Saleswoman
Duet/FOX/1987-89 Patio Furniture Salesman
The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin/BBC/1976-80 Whoopee Cushions Salesman
Father Knows Best/CBS/NBC/ABC/1954-63 Manager For General Insurance Company
The Five Mrs. Buchanans/CBS/1994-95 Used Car Lot Salesman
Friday the 13th/FOX/1987-90 Antiques Salespersons
The Gale Storm Show (Oh! Suzanna)/CBS/ABC/1956-60 Souvenir Shop Salesgirl
Get Smart/NBC/CBS/1965-70 Pontiac Greeting Card Company Salesman
The Growing Paynes/DUM/1948-49. Insurance Salesman
Harper Valley/NBC/1981-82 Angel Glow Cosmetics Saleswoman
Harts of the West/CBS/1993-94 Lingerie Salesman Turned Rancher
Hi Honey, I'm Home/ABC/NIK/1991 Golfball Salesman & Bijou Furniture Salesman
Hine/ATV/1971 Weapons/Arms Salesman
Hope & Gloria/NBC/1995-96 Carpet Salesman
The Hughleys/ABC/1998-2002 Vending Machine & Sporting Goods Salesmen
Husbands, Wives & Lovers/CBS/1978 Traveling Salesman
Joe & Valerie/NBC/1978-79 Cosmetics Saleswoman
It's Your Move/NBC/1984-85 Insurance Salesman Turned Freelance Writer
King of the Hill/FOX/1997+ Propane Salesman
Knots Landing/CBS/1979-93 Classic Car Dealership Salesman  

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