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Soldiers of Fortune See also - "Crime," "Drifters" and "Gamblers"

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Includes Bounty Hunters, Con-Artists, Freedom Fighters,
Gunfighters, Mercenaries, Prospectors, and Vigilantes)

Program Description
The A-Team/NBC/1983-87 AWOL Mercenaries
Action Man/FOX/1995-96 Mercenaries "Get Extreme" Against the Forces of Doctor X
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr./FOX/1993-94 Bounty Hunters
The Adventures of Robin Hood/CBS/1955-58 Nobleman Turned Outlaw/Vigilante
The Adventures of Sir Francis Drake/NBC/1962 Navigator/Buccaneer
The Adventures of Superman/SYN/1951-57 Vigilante Superhero
The Adventures of William Tell/SYN/1957-58 Freedom Fighter
The Alaskans/ABC/1959-60 Gold Prospectors
The Amazing Spiderman/CBS/1978 Vigilante Superhero
Automan/ABC/1983-84 Computerized Vigilante 
Battletech/SYN/1994 Freedom-Fighters Battle Genetically-engineered Soldiers
Batman/ABC/ABC/1966-68 Vigilante Crimefighter
Bearcats/CBS/1971 Mercenaries
Black Sash/WB/2003 Ex-Cop Turned Martial Arts Teacher & Bounty Hunter
Blake's 7/BBC/1978-81 Spacebound Freedom Fighters Battle Evil Federation
Boon/CEN/1986-92 Retired Fireman Takes Out Want-Ad "Anything Legal Considered"
The Borderers/BBC/1968-70 Lawless Neighbors Battle Along Anglo-Scottish Borders
Bounty Hunters/SYN/1996-97 Real Recovery Agents Trail Criminals
Captain Midnight/CBS/1954-56 Vigilante Superhero
Captain Power And The Soldiers Of  The Future/SYN/1987-88 Futuristic Mercenary
Captain Video & His Video Rangers/DUM/1949-56 Vigilante Superhero
China Smith/SYN/1952 & 52-54 Mercenary
The Cisco Kid/SYN/1950-56 Frontier Vigilante
Colonel Humphrey Flack/DUM/1953-54/SYN/1957-59 Globetrotting Con-Artist
Commando Cody/NBC/1955 Vigilante Superhero
Conan: The Television Series/SYN/1997-98 Pre-Atlantean Mercenary
The Count Of Monte Cristo/SYN/1955-56 Noblemen Fights Crime & Injustice
Crane/A-R/1963-65 Smuggler
Crossbow/CBN/1986-90 Swiss Freedom Fighter
Dalton's Code of Vengeance/NBC/1986 Vietnam Veteran Aids The Helpless
Danger Theatre (The Searcher)/FOX/1993 Klutzy Do-Gooder on Motorcycle
Dark Justice/CBS/1991-94 Vigilante Judge
Davy Crockett/NBC/1989 Frontiersman
Dog the Bounty Hunter/A&E/2004+ Real-life bounty hunter "Dog" Chapman and his family chasing down actual fugitives in the Hawaiian Islands
The Equalizer/CBS/1985-89 Spy Turned Urban Vigilante
The Fall Guy/ABC/1981-86 Bounty Hunter
Flesh 'N' Blood/NBC/1991 Conman Poses As Brother
Gay Cavalier/A-R/1957 Swashbuckling Adventurer
Grand Slam/CBS/1990 Aztec Bail Bonds Bounty Hunters
The Green Hornet/ABC/1966-67 Vigilante Crimefighter
Hack/CBS/2002-2004. Disgraced Cop Turns Taxi Driver & Urban Vigilante
The Hat Squad/CBS/1992-93 Police Vigilantes with Fancy Hats
Have Gun Will Travel/CBS/1957-63 Frontier Gun For Hire
Hawkeye/SYN/1994-95 Frontier Scout
Hawkeye, The Pathfinder/BBC/1973 Frontier Scout
Highlander: The Animated Series/USA/1994-96 Immortal Adventurer
Highlander: The Series/SYN/1992-98 400-Year-Old Immortal Adventurer
Highlander: The Raven/SYN/1998-99 1200-Year-Old Immortal Thief & Adventurer
Hudson's Bay/SYN/1958 18th Century Explorer
Human Target/ABC/1992 Special Forces Operative Turned Decoy-For-Hire
Isis/CBS/1975-78 Vigilante Superheroine
Jesse Hawkes/CBS/1989 Bounty Hunter
Kidnapped/HTV/1979 Hero Of The Culloden Scottish Highlands Eludes The British
Knight Errant '59/GRA/1959 Adventurer-For-Hire
Knight Errant '60/GRA/1960 Adventurer-For-Hire
Knight Errant Limited/GRA/1960-61 Adventurer-For-Hire
Knight Rider/NBC/1982-86 Urban Vigilante in A Talking Black Car
Knightwatch/ABC/1988-89 "The Knights Of The City" Volunteer Street Patrol

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