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 Tavern Workers  See also - "Food Industry"

(Includes personnel from Casinos, Nightclubs, Pubs, Saloons)

Program Description
All In The Family/CBS/1971-79 Archie Bunker's Place  (formerly Kelsey's Bar)
'Allo, 'Allo/BBC/1984-92 WWII French Cafe Rene Proprietor & Staff
Ballykissangel/BBC/1996-2001 Fitzgerald's Pub & Staff
The Barbary Coast/ABC/1975-76 Casino Owner
Barefoot In the Park/ABC/1970-71 Honey Robinson's Pool & Billiard Emporium
The Best In Mystery/NBC/1954-56 Night Club Owner
Bootsie And Snudge In Civvy Street/GRA/1960-63. Upper Class London Club Staff
Bret Maverick/NBC/1981-82 Red Ox Saloon Owner
The Building/CBS/1993 Firefighter and Part-Time Bartender
Casablanca/ABC/1955-56/NBC/1983 Bistro Owner
Cheers/NBC/1982-93 Owner & Workers of Cheers (est. 1895)
The Chicago Teddy Bears/CBS/1971 Speakeasy Owner
The Corner Bar/ABC/1972-73 Restaurant Bar Owner
Costello/FOX/1998 Barmaid
Crane/A-R/1963-65 Moroccan Cafe Owner
Dallas/CBS/1978-91 Oil Baron's Club
D.C. Follies/SYN/1987-89 Politician's Tavern Hangout
The Danny Thomas Show/ABC/CBS/1953-65 Night Club Owner
Dante's Inferno/CBS/1952-56 Dante's Inferno Restaurant Nightspot
Dante/NBC/1960-61 Dante's Inferno Restaurant Nightspot
Delta/ABC/1992-93 The Green Lantern Country and Western Nightclub
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman/CBS/1993-98 Frontier Brothel/Saloon Owner
Duffy's Tavern/NBC/1954 Duffy's Tavern Operator
Early Edition/CBS/1996-2000 Restaurant/Bar Owners
EastEnders/BBC/1985+ Queen Victoria Pub
Fired Up/NBC/1997 Restaurateur/Bartender
Flo/CBS/1980-81 Roadhouse/Bar Owner
The George Carlin Show/FOX/1994-95 Tavern Owner
Gunsmoke/CBS/1955-75 The Long Branch Frontier Saloonkeeper & Bartender
The Heights/FOX/1992 Pool Hall/Bar Owner
Hotel Malibu/CBS/1994 Veteran & Novice Hotel Bartenders
I Love Lucy/CBS/1951-61 Night Club Singer/Owner
The Islanders/ABC/1960-61 Shipwreck Callahan's American Bar
Jack's Place/ABC/1992-93 Jack's Bar & Restaurant Owner & Staff
Jesse/NBC/1998-2000 Der Biergarten Barmaids
The John Larroquette Show/NBC/1993-97 Bus Terminal Bar Owner
Key West/FOX/1993 Open-Air Bar On The Beach Owner
Lawman/ABC/1958-62 Birdcage Saloon Owner
Lewis & Clark/NBC/1981-82 Country Cafe/Bar
Linc's/SHO/1998-2000 Linc's Bar & Grill
The Lotus Eaters/BBC/1972-73 Small Bar Owner On The Isle Of Crete
Love & War/CBS/1992-95 Blue Shamrock Restaurant Owner & Bartender
Magnum, P.I./CBS/1980-88 King Kamehameha Club Bartender & Rick's Place Owner
Malcolm & Eddie/UPN/1996-98 Casino/Bar Owner
Mancuso, FBI/NBC/1989-90 Gertie's Bar Owner
Mr. Lucky/CBS/1959-60 Ship Casino Owner
Murphy Brown/CBS/1988-98 Phil's Bar & Grill Owner (Est. 1919)
Northern Exposure/CBS/1990-95 The Brick Restaurant/Bar Owner
Nothing Is Easy/CBS/1987 Aspiring Bartender
Out All Night/NBC/1992-93 High-Tech Nightclub Owner & Manager-Trainee
Open House/FOX/1989-90 Jasper's Bar & Restaurant Lounge Piano Player
The Paradise Club/BBC/1989-90 Seedy London Dance-Hall
Party of Five/FOX/1994-2000 Restaurant Bartender
Peter Gunn/NBC/ABC/1958-61 Mother's Nightclub Owner
Pig Sty/UPN/1995 Unpublished Writer Works As Bartender
Platypus Man/UPN/1995 Bartender
Quincy, M.E./NBC/1976-83 Marina Restaurant Owner
Rendezvous/ABC/1952 Night Club Owner
The Roaring Twenties/ABC/1960-62 The Charleston Club, Chauncey's & The Pit
Robin's Hoods/SYN/1994 Country and Western Nightclub
Roseanne/ABC/1988-97 Lobo Lounge Bartender
The Round Table/NBC/1992 Hunky Bartender
77 Sunset Strip/ABC/1958-64 Dino's Lodge Parking Lot Attendant
The Simpsons/FOX/1989+ Moe's Tavern Owner
The Single Guy/NBC/1995-97 The Bagel Restaurant & Bakery
Starsky & Hutch/ABC/1975-79 Tavern Owner
Stud's Place/ABC/NBC/1949-52 Tavern Owner
Sweating Bullets/CBS/1991-95 Beachside Bar & Dive Shop
Sydney/CBS/1990 The Blue Collar Bartender & Owner
Tales Of The Gold Monkey/ABC/1982-83 Owner Of The Monkey Bar & Hotel
T.H.E. Cat/NBC/1966-67 Night Club Owner
Three's Company/ABC/1977-84 Regal Beagle Pub Bartender
Three's A Crowd/ABC/1984-85 Jack's Bistro/Pub Owner
Top Of The Heap/FOX/1991 Rolling Hills Country Club Manager & Staff
Zoo Gang/NBC/1975 Le Pecheurs Bar Owner

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