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Time Travellers  See also "Cryogenics & Suspended Animation"
Program Description
The Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim/1974 Antique Trunk with a Time Portal
Back To The Future/CBS/1991-93 Eccentric Time Traveling Scientist/Inventor
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures/FOX/1991-92 Time Traveling Teenagers  
Captain Z-Ro/SYN/1954-55 Time Traveling Superhero  
Catweazle/LWT/1970-71 Medieval Wizard Catapulted To Modern-Day England  
Crime Traveller/BBC/1997 Police Detectives Travel in Time To Solve Crimes
Do Over/WB/2002 34-Year-old Paper Salesman Jettisoned 20 Years into Past
Doctor Who/BBC/SYN/1963-90/2005+ Time Traveling Alien From Planet Gallifrey
Goodnight Sweetheart/BBC/1993-99 1990s TV Repair Man Warps To WWII London
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids/DIS/1997-2000 Time Traveling Inventor
The Jersey/DIS/1999-2004 Jersey Transports Wearer in Time to Famous Sports Events
Mirror Mirror/AUS/1995 Antique Mirror in 1867 Opens Portal to 20th Century
Mirror Mirror II/AUS/1998 Antique Mirror in 1867 Opens Portal to 20th Century
Outlaws/CBS/1986-1987 Lightning Storm Transports Frontier Outlaws Nearly a Hundred Years into the Future
The Planet Of The Apes/CBS/1974 Astronauts Lost In Future
Quantum Leap/NBC/1989-93 Scientist Displaced In Time And Space
Red Dwarf/BBC/1988-89 Spacecraft Lost in Future
Sapphire And Steel/ATV/1979-82 Mysterious Time Traveling Agents
Samurai Jack/CAR/2001-2004 Samurai Warrior Flung Into An Unknown Future
Seven Days/UPN/1998-2001 Ex-CIA Agent Goes Back  7 Days To Change Events
Shazzan!/CBS/1967-69 Pair Of Twins Transported To Ancient Persia
Sliders/FOX/1995-97/SCI/1998-2000 4 People Travel Into Different Dimensions
Stargate SG-1/SHO/1997+ Air Force Officer Travels Through Portal to Planet Abydos
That Was Then/ABC/2002 Lightning Bolt Sends 30-Year-Old Man Back to 1988
Timeblazers/YTV/2003 Two spirits guide a teenager through the past
Timecop/ABC/1997 Futuristic Police Officer Retrieves Fugitives Escaping Into Time
Timeline/PBS/1989 TV News Team Reports from the Middle Ages
Timeslip/ATV/1970-71 Two Youngsters Cross Over Into A Time Barrier
Time Squad/CAR/2001-03 Time Cops "enforce the past to protect the future"
The Time Tunnel/ABC/1966-67 Two Scientists Lost In Time
The Time Warp Trio/DIS/NBC/2005 A Magical book transports three youngsters through  time
Voyagers!/NBC/1982-83 Aliens Monitors Time Continuum
You Are There/CBS/1953-57/1971-72 TV News Anchor Reports from the Past


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